MoneyGram, the international payments service provider, enters into a strategic partnership with Ripple. Together, both companies want to revolutionize the international flow of money. The course responds to it.

Ripple remains the presumably hottest cryptocurrency currently on the market. At the start of the year, the course rallied insane and at times managed to outstrip Ethereum and settle for second place. However, earlier this week Ripple had to put a damper on Coinmarketcap’s volume of cryptocurrency trading in South Korea. The ripple course continued to break in the following days.

Now Ripple delivers again positive headlines. As a recent press release reveals, payment service provider MoneyGram is partnering with Ripple. The aim of the cooperation is to modernize international money transfers. The integration of MoneyGrams into the ripple ecosystem will be tested. The ripple token XRP should also be part of the cooperation and should be used for cross-border payments.

As a special advantage of XRP, the low transaction costs and the short transaction duration are highlighted, making the coin ideal for payments and cash flows. For Money Gram, the second largest money transfer service provider in the world, the opportunity to explore the blockchain as part of the collaboration is also a charming element of the partnership.

“Every day, blockchain technology changes the frame in which we move. Ripple is at the forefront of this innovation and we look forward to working together. “,

said MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes.

“The inefficiency of global cash flows affects not only banks, but also institutions like MoneyGram. Providers of cross-border payments are extremely important as they allow many people to transfer money to family or friends. We are therefore very pleased to contribute to a better solution in a long-term partnership. “,

said Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple.

Ripple is thus fulfilling its promise to focus more on partnerships with money transfer companies in 2018. Also, the course responded promptly to the announcement: Had he been down since the Korean shock and had crashed to 1.60 US dollars, he jumped yesterday again to more than 2 US dollars and seems to have currently consolidated.

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