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Despite the recent controversy, numerous lawsuits, and a still ongoing question what Ripple (XRP) really is by nature, this coin continues to make new victories. The latest ones include XRP being listed in three brand new crypto exchanges, which are marking a whole new era for XRP.

Coinbase still ignores XRP

Ripple (XRP) seems to be on a roll lately, even with all the talks about its true nature that have had many people doubting it lately. If you are an XRP holder, you will be happy to know that this crypto has just managed to ensure three more listings, in some pretty reputable exchanges.

Of course, none of them is Coinbase, which is Ripple’s ultimate goal. However, there is still time for that to happen, and the more exchanges this crypto conquers in the process, the larger the chance that Coinbase will finally start seeing it as worthy.

After all, new exchanges mean new trading pairs, more exposure, and a larger liquidity for the coin. Eventually, Ripple hopes to dominate the market, and getting on Coinbase is what this crypto has set as its ultimate goal.

Three exchanges go for Ripple

As mentioned, Ripple has managed to charm three new exchanges: DX.Exchange in the EU, Australian The Cryptocurrency Exchange, as well as India’s Unodax.

DX.Exchange has released its announcement that it would list XRP and considering that it is one of the few exchanges that were regulated by the EU, this brings quite a large level of legitimacy to Ripple. The exchange is still relatively new and is currently being tested. However, its official launching date is July 25, which is only two weeks away. As soon as the exchange goes live, so will Ripple trading pairs, which gives this crypto something important to expect in the near future.

Next, we have The Cryptocurrency Exchange. Despite the general name, this exchange is a big thing in Australia, and Ripple getting on its list will certainly improve this coin’s influence on the entire southern continent. This time, there is no waiting involved, and Ripple is already live on its list.

The third and final exchange that has decided to add Ripple, at least for now, is India-based Unodax. Not only did they add XRP to their list, but they even made it their base coin, together with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). This will allow Ripple to be traded in up to 17 crypto-crypto trading pairs.

Of course, considering that this is India’s exchange, Ripple’s future operations will need to find a way to comply with RBI’s recently released regulations. The regulations are pretty strict, and the crypto industry in this country has suffered greatly from that fact. However, as long as Ripple is willing to be traded on a crypto-crypto basis, the coin should not have a lot of problems.

Even with these successes, Ripple’s price is still not expected to react in any big way. In order for an exchange listing to seriously influence Ripple, the coin would have to get into Coinbase, as mentioned earlier. Still, getting listed in three exchanges with solid reputations is certainly not going to damage Ripple in any way, so we still consider this to be a large win for the coin.

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