Developed by skilled software developers and traders in 2009, ROFX is a forex trader that aims to help traders in making money. Since its development,  several traders have used it and gained success in trading. Especially beginner traders that do not have any formal trading experience or knowledge find it exceptionally helpful. Here is an honest RoFX review written based on researches, which will help you to understand why it has made it to the list of reliable FX advisors list.

Rofx Benefits as Claimed by the Developers

ROFX developers claim that there are multiple reasons why ROFX is beneficial for trading, including:

  • Easy software for beginners: The world of forex and the forex market are enough complicated as they are and the last thing we need is another complicated robot. It generally takes years for a beginner to be able to analyze the market and gain enough experience to trade successfully. So, a simple EA can help a lot in this phase. ROFX makes the job of traders easier and increases the chances of making money.
  • Excellent trading strategy: With the wonderful automated forex trading strategy of ROFX, traders are benefitted with the liberty of skipping the trial and error method.
  • Consistency: The automated trading system of ROFX also helps customers in achieving consistency in trading successfully.
  • No human errors: ROFX EA operates with the algorithmic forex trading platform. As a result, the chances of human errors are eliminated.
  • No obstruction of emotions: To become successful in trading, you must be logical and let go of your emotions or you will not be able to make the right trading decisions. With the fully automated forex trading system of ROFX, emotions are never an obstruction for traders.

Useful Trading Features of Rofx Expert Advisor

  • Easy beginning: It is easy for beginners to trade with ROFX EA. You can start trading with a trial short-term investment. It is valid for thirty trading days.
  • Return of funds: The traders can get back the invested funds anytime. It is one of the best features of ROFX.
  • Daily profit: You do not have to wait for many days for earning profits. It is possible to gain profits at the end of a profitable day, which is a huge benefit.
  • Deposit security guarantee: Amends are made by the reserve fund of ROFX. So, it provides the guarantee of deposit security to the clients.
  • Minimum risks: ROFX is known as a “No loss forex robot”. Its popular stop-loss system helps clients to keep the loss at a minimum by blocking trading at the right time.
  • Transparency: ROFX is transparent, which means that there are no hidden fees the clients need to pay after starting using the EA.
  • 24/7 support: ROFX supports customers with 24/7 live chat so you can reach out to them whenever required.

ROFX indeed has excellent benefits and features. However, it is important to confirm if the claims of the developers are trustworthy. You need to visit the Myfxbook account of ROFX and view the trading record to know if the robot is truly useful.

Rofx Trading Record on Myfxbook

The following chart shows the statistics for the trading record of ROFX.


From the chart, you derive the fact that the trading of the ROFX account started on July 30, 2018. It started its journey with $10000000 of deposit. As of today, the balance is $55872571. Withdrawal is $0, so the total profit made is $45872571. With the impressive 100% equity, the account also amazes by its 0.35% drawdown. The gain, as well as the absolute gain, is +458.73%. The daily profit and the monthly profit is 0.26% and 7.98% respectively. As can be seen, the account has gone through enormous growth within a decent amount of time. After it started its trading journey in 2018, it has produced good results consistently.

Now, if you move to the other charts of ROFX that show advanced statistics, trading, and trading activity, you can see great results on those charts as well. The best part is that transparency has been maintained until the very end.


Are the results reliable?

As you can see, the trading results are quite impressive. However? Is the chart genuine? Can you trust the results? To know that, you need to consider the following factors:

Verified chart: Nothing is trustworthy if it is not verified. When it comes to a Myfxbook chart of trading records, you need to see at the top of the chart and see if the track records and trading privileges are verified. In the case of ROFX, you can see that both are verified, thus, can be trusted.

Update of the chart: The results of the chart may be genuine, but it can be past results to fool traders. If you see that the chart has not been updated for a long time, then chances are that it is a scam. As for the ROFX Myfxbook chart, pay attention to the fact that the chart was updated very recently, only ten hours ago. It confirms that the data is live and authentic.

Logical data: Sometimes, you may notice that some charts show exceptionally great results. While the deposit is a very small amount of money, the account makes it way smoothly and earns profits fast. Within just a couple of months, an enormous profit is shown. It is neither logical nor realistic. On the ROFX chart, however, you can see that a large amount was deposited to start the trading and profits were made through a long time of two years.

Privacy of the data: You can trust a trading account when it maintains transparency on its Myfxbook account. ROFX account is transparent and you can see any data if you want to. All information is open on the charts. Only open trades and open orders are private. As the account does not hide anything, you can confirm the statistics with the charts. It can be trusted as it does not hide anything.




When we go through the results gained from the Myfxbook trading account of ROFX, we can conclude that ROFX expert advisor is trustworthy. If you are a beginner, you can go for this robot without hesitating. However, this robot cannot be downloaded on any device. You can visit the official webpage to create a free account to purchase a plan and start trading.

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