Going cashless is never the answer for consumers and business owners. The only entities benefiting from such a move are the local government and the banks. Cash is a form of financial freedom, something most of us will never see again. Ron Paul feels a cashless society is equal to an authoritarian power grab. An interesting take on things, that much is evident.

People with more than two peas for a brain know the economy is failing. Especially the dollar-based monetary system, as it is under serious threat. Ron Paul feels the same way and doesn’t agree with Janet Yellen’s assurances. Especially the promise of how we will not see another financial crisis in our lifetime is absolutely ridiculous. Ron Paul feels the next crisis could happen in August of this year, for all we know. A very bold statement that won’t sit too well with the economic powers.

Ron Paul Feels the war on Cash is Unjust

Interestingly enough, Ron Paul is trying to drive a point home. More specifically, he feels central bankers are always wrong. While there is some merit to such statements, it is not a popular train of thought. Then again, the ongoing war on cash seems to hint at the trouble which will befall us all. More specifically, if banks weed out cash, consumers and enterprises will be even more reliant on them. That is something everyone should try to avoid.

Then again, there are also reasons to turn cash into something else. Right now, cash isn’t a safe store of value by any means. Ron Paul feels buying gold, stockpiling provisions, and potentially even buying Bitcoin is the right way forward. The longer the next financial crisis stays away, the bigger the hit will be. Now is the time to prepare for the worst, as it will happen eventually. Those unprepared for such a situation will find themselves in a world of trouble.

It is remarkable to see Ron Paul is so outspoken about the looming crisis. In his opinion, authoritarians want to cling to power. This means weeding out cash is the number one priority right now. A cashless society will not work the way authoritarians envision it, though. People will lose confidence and revert to other means of payment in the end. Cash is not the enemy here, that much is evident. The real enemies are the banks and the government, as it always has been. Ron Paul is quite convinced things will turn sour soon. Only time will tell if he’s right.

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