Russia is a confusing, contradictory country – even in cryptic currencies. Thus, the trade in cryptic currency is to come to the Moscow Stock Exchange – while the use of digital money may be prohibited for ordinary citizens. At the same time, energy companies are massively selling electricity to Miner, and a Russian entrepreneur sees the money revolution as a chance to end the hegemony of the USA. If it does not block the government …

In the universe of cryptic diseases 12 months are a half eternity. Just over a year ago, the news that is currently coming from Russia would have been a late April sherze. Today one thinks rather that it was time to finally do the obvious.

Thus, the Moscow stock exchange announced to do what the face of the Kryptoboom for a trading platform should really be self-evident: namely to introduce the trade with cryptic ferries. reports that the country’s most important stock market announced at a press conference that it was already “building an infrastructure for trade. More specifically, we are creating a platform for post-trading services for crypto assets. ”

“We are prepared to offer the trade of financial products when there is interest in the dealers and their customers, and if there is sufficient legal certainty.” The stock exchange is to be used both in the future Cryptic derivatives as well as derivatives and ETFs. Similar plans have apparently also the stock exchange of St. Petersburg.

However, according to the Moscow stock exchange, negotiations are still being held with the regulators to clarify the remaining still open legal circumstances of the trade of cryptos. The stock market is likely to break open doors with the Ministry of Finance – if one takes seriously, as the Deputy Finance Minister of the country says.

Trading only for “qualified investors”

Shortly before the announcement of the stock exchange, Alexei Moiseew in an interview in detail about his plans concerning Bitcoin and cryptic symptoms talked. The interview is, in Russian, to be seen here. Reports on this are available at and ZeroHedge. According to the magazines, Russia’s Deputy Minister of Finance intends to regulate cryptic currency as a financial product: “There is a belief that cryptos such as Bitcoin are pyramid games. Investing in them is highly risky. This is the basis of our regulation, “says Moiseev.

These plans are good for the stock exchanges, as they can soon sell cryptos. The trade should be under the supervision of the financial supervision of the Russian Republic. The exact circumstances are currently being discussed by the Ministry of Finance with the Central Bank and the Moscow Stock Exchange.

Bad, on the other hand, are these plans for the users of cryptanalysis. Only “qualified investors” are admitted as buyers on the exchanges. According to the deputy finance minister, cryptic payments are too dangerous for ordinary people.

That this is not quite in the sense of the matter, is also clear to some Russians in senior positions. A background report on (here the Google translation) cites critical voices on the planned regulation.

A chance to throw the hegemony of the dollar?

Above all, Dimitrij Marinichew is not very enthusiastic. The Internet Advisor of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin explains that “these kinds of restrictions are detrimental to Russia’s economic development. They will not protect the citizens in any way, but will merely limit their ability to use new technologies. “This will harm Russia’s competitiveness, giving you a chance to take the lead in a new global market.

Dimitrij Golubowskij of Golden Mint House goes further into detail. He interprets the utterances of Moiseev as a prohibition of the circulation of cryptic currency as money. According to Golubovsky, however, cryptic stimuli lose their most important function – serving as a vehicle for the transfer of values ​​- and therefore every reason to be acted upon at all. “If you see no practical potential in cryptosciences – why do you create a niche in which you can speculate? Do we have too few speculative investment products in our economy? ”

Pavel Durov, the founder of the Telegram Messenger and the Russian social network VKontakte, has even criticized the planned regulation in the world-political context. “For the first time in 70 years, the global financial system has been given the chance to throw away the hegemony of the US, which has imposed its national currency as a reserve on the world, and in fact takes tribute from all countries by paying off its debts of endlessly printing new dollars , And instead of taking the chance to make the world more equitable and recognizing the status of the new digital currencies together with Japan and other Asian countries to replace the dollar, instead, the Russian government decides, ‘this thing To prohibit and limit ‘. ”

Electricity for 3 cents per kilowatt hour

The ambitions to make Russia the world’s crypt-world power are quite serious. According to reports by RT and, the country’s energy corporations are currently preparing to use their huge reserves to make Russia a mining power.

More and more Russian energy companies are beginning to lease excess energy to Miner at special prices. What we have here for the location Germany a year ago still as April scholz brought, is in Russia now professionally addressed. If I understand the messages correctly, large energy groups like EvroSibEnergo and Gazprom have even developed a website that shows how much energy is available at 70 locations at what prices. The current suppliers have already received dozens of requests from miners and are currently still in negotiations. Contracts have apparently not yet been finalized.

The electricity prices in Russia are quite favorable at about 4.5 rubles (6 cents) per kilowatt hour. With the special tariffs of 2 rubles (3 cent), which the power generators offer to miners, Russia is among the best mining sites in the world. Vladimir Putin, Dimitrij Marinichev, already mentioned, has already emerged with an ICO to collect 100 million dollars to develop bitcoin miners for Russian households.

Russia seems to be seriously concerned with cryptry. Whether, however, the benefits of the freedom of the money revolution can be gained by means of trade and mining, is not yet clear.

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