The Ministry of Finance of Russia proposed the creation of special offshore zones in the Far East intended for trading by crypto-currencies.

And almost immediately this initiative was criticized by the adviser to the president of Russia on Internet development Herman Klimenko. In his opinion, it is pointless to give permission to buy and sell crypto-currencies in offshore zones. He commented on his position to

“If you allow this, for example, on the island of Russian, then it will mean only one thing: operations with crypto currency can be carried out throughout the country”

Similarly, the presidential adviser noted the lack of a unified position on this issue by key agencies such as the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank and the Federal Tax Service. He considers it strange that the idea with offshore zones is promoted only by the Ministry of Finance, and such meaningful and key regulators as the Federal Tax Service and the Central Bank at the same time remain silent.

“It’s a pity that the officials, unlike the business community, did not agree on a unified position on the crypto currency, the opinions were divided and what is now done with it is not very clear,” Klimenko said.

This episode clearly demonstrates that today Russian officials and lawmakers do not have a common position and understanding on the regulation of crypto-currencies. Of course, the process is under way and there are shifts, but until the resolution is resolved it is not yet near and we are still waiting for heated debates and arguments.

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