Los Angeles, California U.S.A. – Oct. 15, 2017 – Karma, the world’s first decentralized Smart Community Network, using the Karma Protocol and Karma International Token (KIT) to empower membership-based communities, announces internet marketing pioneer Ryan Scott has officially joined its Advisory Board.

In 2007, Ryan joined Karma when it was known as one of the top business-philanthropic-social networks. Ryan became an active member and was invited by management to be the Keynote Speaker at Karma’s annual Membership Summit in 2015. With Karma’s recent decision to extend its technology onto the blockchain, for every membership-based organization to benefit from its proprietary membership and event management platform, Ryan decided to join forces as part of the next step in Karma’s evolution.

Ryan Scott is an entrepreneur, social impact investor, humanist, philanthropist and online marketing pioneer, legendary for developing and patenting the double opt-in email methodology. After selling NetCreations in 2001 for $111 million, Ryan became an angel investor alongside Sequoia Capital, Mark Cuban, News Corp, CBS Corporation, Elon Musk, and Burda Media, in a number of companies such as Inside, Tesla, CrowdFunder, Tiltify,, Earth Class Mail, Principle Power, Signum Biosciences, Greener World Media, Sierra Nevada Solar, and Cool Earth Solar.  Ryan’s most significant personal investment since 2011 has been Causecast, the world’s most innovative workplace giving, volunteering and social impact platform. Ryan’s vision is to create a world in which corporations compete with each other to make the most positive social impact.

“Having seen Karma’s evolution over the past decade from a social philanthropic club into a great business networking club, I was very intrigued to join this esteemed group of advisors and take part in the next stage of putting Karma’s technology on the blockchain for so many other membership organizations to have access to tools and features that only elite organizations had benefited from so far,” said Ryan Scott, founder CEO of Causecast and longtime Karma member.

“Ryan’s addition to the Advisory Board for Karma is very significant as we will be reaching out to many worthy organizations to give them our decentralized membership management platform, many of which Ryan knows directly. This is one of many ways Karma will ensure worldwide adoption of its platform” said Dylan Marer, CEO of Karma International.

“We are fortunate to have amazing members within Karma’s membership, such as Ryan Scott who are pioneers in their respective industries. Ryna is not joining Karma’s Advisory Board to simply provide advice, but to roll up his sleeves and open doors to revenue generating opportunities as well as to new investors as we are finalizing our pre-TGE stage,” said Mike Costache, President of Karma.

Ryan is joining Karma’s dream team Advisory Board, which includes:

  • Brad Yasar, Co-founder Managing Partner at KrowdMentor
  • Craig Sellars, Co-founder at Tether, BLOCKv, and Partner at
  • David Blumberg, Founder Managing Partner at Blumberg Capital
  • David Brill, Co-founder General Counsel at Celsius Foundation
  • Eddy Travia, Founder CEO, Coinsilium Group
  • Eric Gu, Founder CEO at Metaverse
  • Eric Stotz, Founder at Karma International
  • Gordon Einstein, Crypto-attorney Blockchain Expert at CryptoLaw Partners
  • Harry Yeh, Co-founder Managing Partner at Binary Financial
  • Jeremy Gardner, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Blockchain Capital
  • Julian Zegelman, Partner at Velton Zegelman
  • Ruslan Gavryliuk, Co-founder CEO at Token-as-a-Fund (TaaS) Fund

About Karma

Founded in 2005, Karma is a membership driven company that connects exceptional individuals socially and professionally through business networking and social gatherings. In the past twelve years, Karma has produced a yearly revenue of $32 million (membership fees, sponsorship, and tickets) and built nine membership chapters to include Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Houston, Bucharest, and Kyiv.

Karma recently decided to provide its own Protocol to empower membership-based communities around the world, including physical membership organizations, virtual membership organizations, and nonprofit organizations. Karma’s foundations will enable these membership-based communities to raise funds from their donor base better. Individuals will use the KIT token to vote on business items, for membership, relevant dues, and purchases. The Karma International Token (KIT) will allow membership organizations to launch, manage, build and operate on the Karma Community Network (KCN) thriving and sustainable ecosystem, with all the customizable modules and support necessary.

Karma’s mission is to share its proprietary membership and event management platform, based on twelve years of refinement, 65,000 platform users, 374 events and $32 million in revenue. Karma will give access and customize the powerful decentralized software to empower worthy organizations, membership groups, and good causes, to grow and scale worldwide.

The Karma Token Sale

Karma’s pre-sale started at 21:00 PST on October 10th and ends at 11:59 PST on October 21. At 12 noon PST on October 21, the public sale starts and will last until 12 noon on October 31. On October 21 at 19:00 PST, Karma will welcome 3,000 members and guests to its 10th annual Halloween Party in Hollywood, California, in collaboration with Maxim Magazine. Detailed White Paper and Executive Summary available on

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