This sample web service is designed to illustrate how a certification website issues verifiable claims to the identity holders with TangleID.

The scenario we choose is the certification process and the roles contain:

  • Student: As a holder, a student is able to arrange his or her personal data and claims with verified carriers.
  • College: As an issuer, a college can issue verifiable claims to the holders after verifying students’ identity.


Step1: Register the Decentralized Identifier

At first, students (holders) have to create new digital identities on Tangle and the registration includes 2 steps:

  1. Download the application (APP) on devices, such as mobile or tablets
  2. Create a new account and sign in

Step2: Sign in by Verifying the Digital Identity

Prove Own Control of Student Identity

After the accounts created, the next step is Sign in. Students (Holders) are required to scan the QR Codes provided by the website in order to decide what data will be revealed.

Step 3: Self-sovereign Identity Interaction

Issue College Degree Claim

With all preceding procedures done, students’ digital identities can finally make their own footprints. For example, students can directly send requests to their college to get their certificates of degree with TangleID. In other words, the issue of diploma can be digitalized to save time and money.

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