A lot has been reported in the past weeks about the 2x-extension of SegWit – also from us at TheBitcoinNews. Now the hard fork moves into tangible proximity and accordingly slowly takes on concrete forms.

After the Hard Fork is before the Hard Fork – according to this motto, the Bitcoin community seems to live for several months. Accordingly, after the Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork, which was held on Wednesday – more or less – the focus now becomes more and more on the upcoming HardWork declared SegWit2x activation. This is still being pushed by a not insignificant part of the Bitcoin community, and is roughly terminated to mid-November, as a safe thing.

To emphasize the determination of the 2x developers, Jeff Garzik, one of the main developers, has released a new status update this week, confirming the execution of the SegWir2x Hard Fork again. He says that this is only “the obvious”, but it still seems to be important to make it clear that everything is going according to plan and SegWit2x is firmly on target for mid-November. This would take the second part of the system update agreed in the New York Agreement and increase the maximum block size for transactions to 2MB.

How precisely the SegWit2x activation will affect the Bitcoin ecosystem is not yet clear at the moment and will depend to a large extent on the response of the Bitcoin community. The uncertainty also affects the future naming of the coin, which would arise in the course of the Hard Fork new. Already at the beginning of this week we reported about the fact that Coinbase decided to list the Hard Fork as the Altcoin under the name B2X.

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