15.02, Moscow (Barclay St.6, Building 25) from 15:00 till 18:00 The Show ICO is holding the fifth Meet-Up!

The Show ICO is a presentation of unique projects, performances of competent speakers, expert evaluation and a common rating system for ICO readiness.

The aim of the project is to create a high-quality listing of projects that will be interesting and attractive for investors. Show ICO creates a critical mass of money, competencies, needs and offers, which can attract investors, speakers, advisors, experts in every area of internet technology, including blockchain.

The program of the event:

  • 14:30 Gathering of guests
  • 15:00 Beginning, an opening speech
  • 15:10 Speaker 1 — Alina Belkovskaya (Theme: What ICO projects the world press writes about)
  • 15:35 Pitch of the 1st ICO project
  • 15:50 Pitch of the 2nd ICO project
  • 16:05 Pitch of the 3rd ICO project
  • 16:20 Speaker 2 — Vladimir Dyakov (Theme: Scum in ICO)
  • 16:45 Pitch of the 4th ICO project
  • 17:00 Pitch of the 5th ICO project
  • 17:15 Pitch of the 6th ICO project
  • 17:30 Speaker 3 — Ekaterina Malyarova (Theme: Law aspects of ICO)
  • 18:00 Networking, reception, entertainment program
  • 23:59 Completion

The target audience of Show ICO for the monthly quorum cycle:

  • Advisors — 150+ people
  • Promoters — 10+ teams / companies
  • Investors — 200+ people (including scouting)
  • Entertainers — 100+ companies / corporations
  • ICO projects — 12+ in the monthly funnel Proof_of_Truth
  • Partners — 100+ in the exhibition area / BTL integration
  • Speakers — 50+ people (1 Meet-Up 3-5 speakers, Launch — 40+)
  • Event participants (visitors) — 1000+ people

Value for participants:

  • Networking (productive — contact base)
  • PR / Promotion for partners (targeting coverage) ATL (1mln+) / BTL (1k+)
  • Investments for ICO projects (access to the PipeLine in 20+ countries — bakers, angels, funds, financial institutions)
  • Presentations of new solutions and testing the value of offerings
  • Distribution of bounty and tokens via contests
  • Lectures and master-classes from “crypto-enthusiasts” and “blockchain-evangelists”, as well as entrepreneurs, experts and speakers

For the quality of the audience the entrance to all the Meet-UPs is limited. Every member is approved on an individual basis. Entrance is according to the lists (name badges). The entrance for the participants is free. Register via the link below.

The event is supported by: Cryptonex & Appetite Group

To become a participant of our follow-up events and present your ICO project, please contact us by mail [email protected]

p.s.: On the issues of partnership offerings, write to the email: [email protected]

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