Snovio has announced the launch of its ICO on September, 19 2017 as a platform for lead generation and sourcing powered by blockchain technology.

Snovio basic idea

Snovio released its beta version in April 2017 and has already developed such features as:

  • Email Verifier that checks email addresses to ensure that the email list is valid and bounce-free.
  • LinkedIn Email Search used to find and save emails and more valuable data of LinkedInners.
  • Domain Search through which the users can get access to emails along with names and job positions from various domains. It is reinforced with Prospect Search, Company Search and Linker (boolean search) being extremely handy when it comes to leads in specific fields.

Snovio mission

As stated by Snovio CEO Alexis Kratko, the platform aims to facilitate the process of lead generation and sourcing for all possible seekers of information. Snovio sees its mission in transforming the established methods of lead generation into the new decentralized one. The platform has been developed to provide the users with a constantly updated database of high-quality leads. To accomplish this, the crowdsourcing data collection method is used.

While building its database of people Snovio is evolving into a platform where both inbound and outbound techniques work hand in hand. Snovio team is working on data enrichment techniques and triggered email autoresponder/sender. Soon enough Snovio will start working on adding inbound lead acquisition and tracking technologies.

Snovio operating principle

Snovio’s crowdsourcing data collection technology is based on a decentralized network of an unlimited number of contributors who add new data to the system using a chrome plugin dedicated to data collection and validating.

In contrast to traditional parsing methods, crowdsourcing is not limited to definite web sites or even just some of their parts. It allows users to collect data from various sources available across social networks or any website browsed.

In addition to this, the platform is based on blockchain technology and smart-contracts that ensure reliability and security of transactions for every participant of the process. All operations are stored in a dedicated log, so a user can track all the data required to make a decision.

All in all, Snovio is a kind of communication channel between hundreds of contributors and consumers looking for high-quality up-to-date leads.

Snovio token sale (ICO)

2,5 billion ethereum based SNOV tokens will be emitted, and 60% of them will be available for purchase within 30 days from the ICO launch date. The minimum goal is $5 million, and the maximum cap is $15 million. Through the ICO, Snovio is offering the investment community and interested individuals an opportunity to support the startup of a unique platform.

Investors will benefit in two ways. First, from profit that comes from fee per trade as tokens’ value grow. Second, more interesting for those working in the field of recruiting, sales and marketing, from exchanging tokens for actual Snovio’s services. It means that being a token holder one can buy necessary leads for tokens. The more token’s value grows, the more leads one can purchase per 1 SNOV token.

Meanwhile, Snovio contributors will explore the transparent and reliable revenue distribution model. Any activity of a contributor won’t go unnoticed thanks to the history log, where every operation will be saved and stored.

To encourage the contributors to add new lead information to and continuously update the existing data in the system, the reward is foreseen. Contributors will gain credits for their activity, and in case their data is purchased, the credits will be transformed in SNOV tokens.

Snovio details

Refer to the Snovio’s Whitepaper with detailed description of the technologies, roadmap, and all other technical information about the platform:

More information about the upcoming ICO is available on official web page: and social media pages:


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