Bitcoin has managed to maintain its value despite projections by many analysts at the end of last year that it was a bubble about to burst. Bitcoin’s resolve to maintain its value is prompting many people to consider acquiring BTC as an investment. However, the major stumbling block is on the ‘how’ part i.e. how to acquire BTC. The most talked about method of acquiring BTC is via mining but to most people, this method is totally out of the question as they lack the technical know-how. However, if you are not that technical, there are still other ways that you get some BTC for yourself.

Online gambling

Gambling at an online casino is one of the best ways to earn some relatively easy BTC. The reason being you do not need any technical knowledge but just the strategy of playing casino games and some luck of course. When looking to play casino games to earn BTC, you need to play at a Bitcoin casino, one which accepts payments both in cryptocurrency and in conventional currency. This is crucial because you will need to deposit conventional currency, wager with it and then withdraw your winnings using BTC.

Bitcoin faucets

You can earn BTC by simply visiting certain sites where you are rewarded for helping increase the traffic. It’s very much easy earning BTC in this way because you need basic computer skills of using the internet to search for Bitcoin faucets sites and visiting them. The amount of BTC you earn using faucets is little but you have time on your hands you can regularly visit the sites in order to increase your payouts.

Bitcoin trading

Another way of earning some relatively easy Bitcoin is through Bitcoin trading. Bitcoin trading is very much like forex trading in that you need to equip yourself with some basic knowledge first before you ‘dive’ into it. Once you have some knowledge about Bitcoin trading, proceed to purchase Bitcoin using your credit/debit cards at sites such as CEX.IO. Once you purchase Bitcoin, you can start trading. Note however that Bitcoin trading is very risky i.e. you can make huge profits while at the same time it’s possible to make huge losses. It’s imperative therefore that you equip yourself with the necessary knowledge at first.

Accept Bitcoin for your payments

If you run your own business and you have a web presence or even if you have your personal blog that you share your stories with the world, you can either accept payments in BTC or ask for donations from site visitors in BTC. Integrating the Bitcoin payment method on your website is not that difficult. You can also engage the services of professionals who can help you integrate your site with Bitcoin payment method for an affordable fee.

Get paid in Bitcoin

You can also ask your employers to pay you in Bitcoin i.e. if your company deals in BTC or has BTC investments. Job seekers can also search for employers who pay their employees in Bitcoin when searching for a job.

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