So.. what do we do?

Envion has created the technology for the first truly mobile data-center that uses low-priced local energy to “mine” a broad spectrum of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). By harvesting locally available clean energy right at the source, envion can operate at a lower cost than competitors and at the same time reduce the CO2 footprint of the blockchain industry. Envion aims at decentralizing the highly concentrated mining market (in which China holds an 80% share in Bitcoin mining) and to bring control of the market back to the users.


Which problems are we solving?

The blockchain industry has a “Godzilla-sized carbon footprint”:

  • The blockchain industry today is suffering from an ever-increasing demand in energy. The Guardian has stated back in July that a single Bitcoin transaction “devours as much energy as what powers 1.57 US households for a day — roughly 5,000 times more energy-hungry than a typical credit card payment”. Don and Alex Tapscott have stated in their White Paper for the 2017 World Economic Forum that the “Estimates liken the bitcoin network’s energy consumption to […] more than 4.409 billion kilowatt-hours, a Godzilla-sized carbon footprint, and it’s by design.”

A new phenomenon: Growing amount of clean excess energy:

  • At the same time, we see an ever-increasing production of clean regenerative energy as the result of plummeting prices for solar panels (Guardian: “Solar power growth leaps by 50% worldwide thanks to US and China”) and wind turbines (Global Wind Energy Council: growth of annual installed capacity by more than 26% until 2021) and this results in locally available excess energy (e.g. during windy or sunny days or in regions where is a temporary over-production) that is currently lost as solar power plants go off the grid when energy grids are maxed out (IN COMBINATION WITH FOSSIL ENERGY…)

Blockchain mining operations are increasingly concentrated operations

  • that operate from countries with low socio-economic standards and low environmental regulations (i.e. dirty energy from fossil fuels). Centralization of mining however creates enormous dependencies on single governments and individuals — in contrast to the underlying idea of cryptocurrencies
  • Ho do we solve all these problems?

    • The 1st truly mobile & decentralized blockchain: Envion has developed a fully automatized (“industry 4.0”), truly mobile mining unit inside standardized intermodal shipping containers that can be shipped to any location in the world within days or weeks (full decentralization of mining)
    • Making the blockchain green: Envion mining units use low-priced green energy directly at the source — near the shore, in the desert or in other remote locations. This allows us to use excess capacities when energy producers must shut down energy production because energy grids are operating at full capacity or energy supply exceeds demand
    • Saving energy through smart use of thermal energy: Mobility allows targeted placement of our mobile mining units at sites where thermal energy is required — for heating of buildings, greenhouses, warehouses. This way, we “recycle” the energy used for mining. With this strategy, we achieve revolutionary low electricity prices.
    • Saving energy through smart cooling: We have developed a revolutionary, self-regulating new cooling system that we have specially designed for the blockchain mining industry. Our patent-pending cooling system achieves an energy efficiency that is best-in-class with a consumption of only 1% of the system’s total energy consumption
    • Lower risk than traditional mining operations: envion’s mobile mining units reduce the dependency on single government’s (e.g. regulatory changes), single energy providers (e.g. energy shortages or rapid price increases) and single cryptocurrencies (e.g. crash of single cryptocurrency) as envion is able to “mine” a broad set of cryptocurrencies
    • Full industry 4.0 automation: Our mobile mining units are designed and built to operate at remote locations (“industry 4.0”) near energy sources such as solar plants, wind turbines or hydropower plants
    • Planning the future smart grid: Our mobile mining units can be integrated into a smart grid and flexibly take the load of energy grids. Example: on windy days, energy transport from the shore to industrial centers max out the underlying grid infrastructure. We move energy demand closer to energy supply and hence take the burden off the grid


    2 Years of development of strategy, hardware & software and partnerships

    • Concept and strategy development: creating the envion idea and approach
    • Research of energy markets and potential future partners
    • Development of the envion control hardware (custom developed circuit boards, energy components, monitoring systems, industry 4.0 automation)
    • Development of our proprietary cooling system: Planning, airflow and heat calculations, design, simulation, prototyping and construction of a self-regulating cooling system for the units
    • Hardware optimization for underlying “mining” hardware to reduce the energy footprint
    • Preparation of the initial coin offering (ICO): website, white paper, smart contract development

    What’s our ‘traction’?

    Envion has already scored more than $1M from international investors

    We are already in contact with a big international industry player that builds and operates power plants and wants to invest in 500–1,000 mobile mining units. These units e.g. allow this company to operate newly built power plants at optimal levels from day 1 on and flexibly shift mining containers to other locations once customers need the produced energy

  • What’s happening in the media?

    Our competitors

    Our competitors operate centralized mining facilities that very much resemble “normal” datacenter operations in static facilities (that often use energy inefficient cooling systems and energy from fossil fuel):

    • AntPool: Chinese company, HQ in Beijing, accounts for 17.8% of Bitcoin mining
    • DiscusFish/P2Pool: Chinese pool, combining the hashing power of users, 16.5% market share
    • Bitfury: US-company, leading provider of infrastructure for the blockchain ecosystem; develops ASIC chips, printed circuit boards, servers and data centers. 16.4% market share
    • BTC China Pool: Chinese player, owning one of China’s largest bitcoin exchanges; market share 13.7%
    • KnCMiner: Swedish company focussing on green energy in Sweden, Iceland and Norway; №7 in the mining ranking with a market share of 4.2%
    • Genesis Mining: UK-based mining contract provider; clients invest in hashpower and receive payouts after fees; level of fees disputed in the community

    Our competitive advantages

    Competitive advantage in short:

    1. Envion’s mobility concept is key in securing the lowest energy price
    2. Envion’s advanced cooling technology is achieving the lowest energy consumption compared with other data-center operations
    3. Envion’s low & easy maintenance concept is preventing maintenance and if unavoidable is standardizing maintenance operations to lower maintenance cost and maximize uptime
    4. Our self-developed technology from circuit boards to local and cloud-based software is helping us to achieve operational excellence, maximizing operating efficiency
    5. Lower risk than many traditional mining operations: envion’s mobile mining units reduce the dependency on single government’s (e.g. regulatory changes), single energy providers (e.g. energy shortages or rapid price increases) and single cryptocurrencies (e.g. crash of single cryptocurrency) as envion is able to “mine” a broad set of cryptocurrencies

    Competitive advantage in depth:

    Strategic excellence

    • Mobility: Global and flexible fleet of mobile mining units (MMUs)
    • Leveraging the world’s lowest energy prices: mining units are always where prices are lowest, immediately start operating when moved, shifting negotiation power to envion
    • Potential to use overcapacities of renewable energies below market price
    • Flexible response to changes in prices and regulation of energy (example China: used to have higher electricity prices than the US until 2012; recent price decline can reverse any time)
    • Scalability: Envion’s technology is independent from the underlying mining technology and works with graphics card based mining (“GPU mining”) and ASIC based mining. Envion has strategic partners from past ventures that can secure the sourcing of key components of both graphics cards and ASIC miners (and get priority in production queues)
    • Decentralization: Envion has created the technology for a distributed blockchain infrastructure mirroring the distributed ledger principle of blockchain

    Operational excellence

    • Energy efficiency: Reduction of total energy consumption by 30% to 40% in comparison to AC-operated mining because of:
    • Disruptive cooling technology cuts cooling cost by 90%,
    • Dual mining: mining two coins at the same time, further boosting efficiency
    • Hardware optimization
    • Easy to operate: Once plugged in, our mobile containers automatically power up, link up via satellite to our cloud-based network and start “mining” cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash)

    Organizational excellence

    • Highly skilled team of professionals with diverse backgrounds in every field ranging from hardware experts that design circuit boards, software experts that develop our software stack, seasoned marketing experts that manage our communication to finance and energy experts that design and continuously fine-tune our business model
    • High level of corporate governance and transparency: auditing by PWC or EY Switzerland
    • High investment ratio, low fees → high payout
    • Smart reinvestment of profits → continuous growth of capital base, profits and payouts


    Envion’s goal is to have the lowest cost structure in the industry:

    The blockchain mining industry is used to extraordinary profits ranging from 50% to several hundred percent per year. Envion’s unique position as the only truly mobile mining operation and a tested, optimized and streamlined technology puts Envion among the very top players in the market — but with considerably lower risks involved.

    By combining GPU-based mining that offers the flexibility to instantly switch the mined cryptocurrency with ASIC mining that is optimized for a narrow set of cryptocurrencies and delivers high performance for those, we are able to achieve a total ROI of 277% within the first 12 months of operation.

    What about the market size?!

    • Market size of cryptocurrencies: between $163B and $170B depending on included assets and cryptocurrencies / methodology
    • Mining of cryptocurrencies: Market size calculations are hard to perform in a market that is expanding as fast as the market for cryptocurrency mining. We estimate that the global market (miner revenue) for blockchain based mining operations is currently between $0.8B and $1.2B per quarter off which $0.4B — $0.5B per quarter falls to GPU-based mining. These numbers represent a sharp rise from the 2016 numbers as estimated by the cryptocurrency benchmark study that size the market with $563M.

    Our FUNDING so far..

    • Envion has already scored more than $1M from international investors within 4 weeks and founders have invested about $2M from their own funds in R&D to develop the technology
    • Rollout to be financed via an ICO, target: $100M — 150M.
      Each $10M to $15M buy 100 MMUs
    • Time between ICO and start of operations: < 6 months. This makes the envion project standout as the product is fully designed and almost finished before the ICO
    • Operations profitable from the first day

    Who are the founders?

    The team demonstrates a unique mix of entrepreneurial spirit and technical expertise across a range of sectors.

    • Jasper Hellmann. Serial entrepreneur and social media marketing genius. Imported the famous Holi Festival of Colours from India, combined it with a modern touch and turned it into largest global brand with hundreds of festivals in dozens of countries and millions of visitors from Germany to Australia. Co-Founded an online ticketing startup for these festivals that was then acquired by Eventbrite Inc. Needing a rest from this effort he then founded a social-advertising company last year and created a marketing machine that returned 30m Euro revenues for his customers within first 11 months. His contribution to the project is his incredible talent to reach the hearts and the minds of people with his ideas.
    • Matthias Woestman. One of the youngest foreign correspondents of the famous German TV network ARD he covered the war zones in Afghanistan and Kashmir in the 90s and became the head of the South Asia Studio in New Delhi. After his return to Germany he used his international network to start his investment company. His first coup was Solon, one of the leading producers of PV modules, that grew from 10m to 300m market cap within 3 years. Latest investment is the delivery service getnow, that combines the biggest German logistics company, DHL, with one of the largest retailers, Metro, challenging AMAZON on the German market now. Besides some grey hair Matthias brings his international network to the table, his experience in energy markets and renewables and his know how in regulation and security laws — never bad for an ICO.
    • Felix Krusenbaum. Strategy consultant, serial entrepreneur and tech guru. Having founded his first tech startup before while still in school, Felix can look back on a series of successfully launched start-ups ranging from social media, financial services to privacy in the form of virtual private networks. What all his startups share is that they accept and process Bitcoin as early as 2012. Taking a break from startups, Felix has spent six years in the top management consultancy A.T. Kearney, supporting many leading tech and retail companies achieving their growth and profit targets.

    Check-out the complete team of founders, employees and advisors at:

    Team-Base and company HQ

    Team is based in Berlin, Germany — company in Zug, the so-called Crypto-Valley — because of blockchain-friendly regulatory environment of Switzerland.


    Please reach out to us to get your press kit that includes pictures, videos:

    Envion AG
    Mail: [email protected]

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