Status is a messenger and browser to access the decentralized web of Ethereum. With the high level goals of preserving the collective right of humans to privacy, mitigating the risk of censorship, and promoting economic trade in a transparent, open manner, Status is building a community where anyone is welcome to join and contribute to the cause.

The development team behind Status has introduced CommitETH, a tool for enabling community driven development models. With CommitETH, the development team not only hopes to create stronger incentives for participants, but also provide greater utility to app tokens, and provide token holders with direct say in the development direction of projects in the ecosystem.

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Status believes that CommitETH will play a vital role in the evolution of the governance models and decision-making processes as the web continues its shift towards decentralized business models powered by blockchains and protocol tokens.

With CommitETH (, holders of ETH, and soon ERC-20 tokens will be able to directly stake their holdings to drive the development of new features, the priority of bug fixes, and the implementation of integrations with other decentralized applications.

This will have the impact of maximizing network effects and developer mindshare, expediting the rate of innovation and evolution across the Ethereum network as a whole.

It is Status’ mission to make the decentralized web easy to access and interact with for all. The release of CommitETH marks the first step towards a decentralized organizational structure, by establishing a mechanism that will democratize their development, leading to a product created for the community by the community, something far more useful than they could build on their own.

The first release runs on the Ropsten Testnet, and developers and open source communities are encouraged by Status to experiment and provide feedback.

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