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Cryptocurrency experts from all corners of the world agree that right now is the best time to buy Stellar (XLM). While the latest market behavior was far from perfect, and prices of many coins have dropped, cryptos like Stellar are extremely undervalued at this point.

At the time of writing, top cryptos are trading in the green, which might mean that the situation is getting better. Stellar’s current price is at $0.226430, with 2% increase in the last 24 hours. Despite the fact that this is far from a real bull run, analysts agree that the real price surge is bound to arrive sooner or later.

Recent Stellar news claims that this XLM price does not match its fundamentals, which places Stellar in a perfect position for growth. This is due to its nature, as well as the ultimate purpose for which the coin was designed.

What makes Stellar special?

Just like Ripple (XRP), Stellar also aims to revolutionize cross-border payments, and make them faster, cheaper, more efficient, and possible at any time of day or night. The largest difference between the two is that Ripple is focusing on providing its services to banks and other financial institutions, while Stellar aims to deliver the same to individuals.

In addition, Stellar has partnered up with IBM a while back, and IBM offers its own services to around 97% of the global banking system. In short, by partnering with IBM, Stellar also has a unique opportunity to get access to other IBM’s partners as well. Not only that, but IBM’s international payments solution allows these banks to settle any payment in fiat currencies, and not only Stellar.

This is a very big deal for banks since most of them are not ready to start working with cryptocurrencies, either due to laws in different countries or because of their own policies. Because of that, banks are more likely to go for those solutions that do not force them to deal with cryptocurrencies.

Recent Stellar news also claims that Interstellar is making game-changing moves, that are expected to make this coin’s blockchain even more interesting and attractive to banks and financial institutions. Some reports mention payment channels that plan to introduce new features, such as interoperability, privacy, and scalability. Privacy has always been an important issue when it comes to finances, which is another very important advantage for Stellar.

Scalability and interoperability are also very important. In the finance industry, thousands upon thousands of transactions are made every second, and Stellar’s system is making big steps to always be able to instantly satisfy the industry’s needs.

All of this points out to a massive use case for Stellar, which likely means that this is a coin that will never go away. As such, it can only grow as time progresses. For this reason, investors believe that buying the coin while it is cheap might bring them significant gains in the future.

The finance industry is a market with a worth of trillions of dollars. The coin that dominates this market will be the largest one in the world, and XLM stands more than a good chance to be that coin.

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