A small step for AT&T, a big step for the adaptation: The 11th largest company in the world accepts Bitcoin. At least indirectly. Because for the BTC acceptance the telecommunications enterprise works together with Bitpay. Bitpay, as it says on the website, implements the payment service on customers’ websites and generates individual invoices depending on the amount.

Customers can then scan a QR code and pay via Bitcoin. Said BTC will then not land on the merchants’ wallets, but will be instantaneously converted to Fiat. This, says Bitpay, eliminates the volatility risk.

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AT&T is Bitcoin Early Adopter

Now, even the largest telecommunications provider in the world belongs to the customer base of Bitpay. This puts the company in a pioneering role. After all, it’s the first company in its industry to accept Bitcoin.

We have clients using crypto currencies, and we’re glad we can offer them a way to pay their bills using the method they prefer, “said Kevin McDorman, vice president of AT&T Communications Finance Business Operations.

image by Shutterstock