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Technology is not only evolving, but accelerating, throughout the world, and in turn, the world is becoming more interconnected than ever. One of the most significant current technological trends is the Internet of Things, which means that the world will be even more interconnected than ever.

That makes cybersecurity even more of an essential modern issue because this means that our data will not only be on our personal devices, such as our laptops, smartphones, and more but also will be on the devices that we interact with in our daily life.

One of the main reasons that bitcoin has been able to grow exponentially in value over the last decade is because of the global financial crisis of 2008, where many human beings around the world realized that the banks and financial institutions that they trusted to hold their money were not working for them.

But instead, people thought banks were doing everything that they can to profit, even at the expense of those who were buying their home for the first time, unaware of the crisis that was about to unravel that would lead to an entire housing sector slump that would last for years.

Digibyte can undoubtedly address the cybersecurity issues of today and is more necessary than ever. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or a corporation; data is vital in all of our lives, whether it is of a personal or professional nature.

For example, we all know that identity theft is as prevalent as ever, claiming millions of victims every year and causing billions of dollars of economic damage.

Digibyte seeks to solve this problem through a service called Digi-ID, where blockchain technology is used to verify your identity, rather than the outdated system of usernames and passwords.

That isn’t merely about peace of mind, but it is also about a competitive edge. We know that even the most powerful companies are victims of data breaches and hacks, and as a result; their brand reputation takes a hit, and the consumer trusts them less, which could cause the company to lose substantial market share. Digibyte could offer the perfect solution to ensuring that your consumer data is safe and that your brand identity is preserved.

Also, countless companies spend millions a year on complex security solutions, only to find out that their security strategies weren’t as effective as they thought.

In this manner, Digibyte doesn’t offer a more efficient solution through blockchain technology, while simultaneously helping the bottom line, and increasing profit margins for companies, whether they are small or large.

We all know that cybersecurity is essential for both individuals and corporations, and it is a problem that isn’t going away any time soon because we are all more interconnected than ever thanks to technology.

Since Digibyte offers a solution to this issue; it is clear to see that there is massive room for growth for the project. Of course, no one can predict just how far high Digibyte can go, but a dollar seems like a possibility, once the market realizes the massive potential here.

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