Trading has been on the investor’s lips for many generations, especially since Crypto started to become popular. But the speed characterizing the trading world only emphasizes how important it is to have constantly new features in Crypto. 

New modalities to explore Crypto trading have appeared lately and increased in popularity. For example, asset trading has evolved into other types: multi-asset or cross-asset trading. Users started looking for platforms that fill the gap between the standard and innovative, which today’s modern traders can use in the evolving technological environment.

Let’s see what a modern trader is looking for and which are the latest features you can benefit from for the most up-to-date trading experience.

Not all exchanges are the same

When you choose a trading platform, you should consider some things. First, check the fees. Charges for investing are unavoidable, but costs will eat into returns, so you don’t want to pay over the odds. Then, you have to consider where and what you want to invest. After that, look at the platform, the services provided, and the usability.

Also, consider the price differences. They exist because the price of a digital asset varies slightly across markets due to the different fees that crypto exchanges charge investors, as well as the varying levels of trading volume and liquidity on any given exchange.

Currently, the market is booming with exchanges providing low-cost banking services to third-world countries, seamless P2P transfers, and secure traceable transactions. These exchanges are a win-win situation for both the users and the exchange because users gain financial independence and freedom, leading to crypto being widely adopted and accepted.

If you are already an experienced trader, you can look for platforms that stand apart by different technologies, user-based development, and innovation. For example, DIFX, is an exchange focused on providing crypto & trading services from a user’s point of view. They managed this perspective by giving fully-insured wallets & cross-asset trading, promoting crypto adoption along with bridging traditional & financial assets. With such a platform, users can grow a diverse portfolio of Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Crypto CFDs, and so much more.

New features in trading

Trading platforms are implementing new features constantly. But the ultimate trading features coming to the market are Cross-Asset Trading, Futures Trading, and Nomination, features that have been implemented by DIFX. 

Cross-Asset trading refers to actively trading between more than one asset class at a time. What it means here is that with Cross-Asset trading, users can actively trade between a digital asset like Bitcoin with a traditional asset like Gold.

What’s the state of cross-asset trading now?

Cross-asset trading is on the rise as both institutional corporations, and traditional traders have accepted and acknowledged that digital assets like cryptocurrencies have the potential to become the new generation of financial wealth. New-generation platforms allow users to trade traditional assets like forex, metals, indices, commodities, and stocks alongside crypto & crypto CFDs. By cross-asset trading, users will have the ability to trade exotic pairings like GoldxBTC, SilverxETH, and so much more.

Futures trading gives users the authentic experience of cross-asset trading on just one singular platform to trade their most desired assets, whether it’s stocks, Gold, Bitcoin, Dodge, or whatever else at profitable leverages. This feature allows more individuals from traditional finance to adopt cross-asset trading and get into cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, the Nomination feature is a much-needed answer to what happens to the BTC & ETHaccumulated after the death of the hodler. So, platforms like DIFX created a blockchain-based asset transference system to make crypto inheritance to family&friends as hassle-free as possible.

Build your way

Fortunately for all aspiring traders or investors today, variety helps a lot. Information is everywhere, and it is much easier to start investing if you inform yourself correctly and choose the platforms to your advantage.

It’s difficult to predict what’s next in trading or crypto, but you can enjoy the technologies on offer and the variety of features to build your way.

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