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Jeremy, one of the investors of bexplus, said the Bitcoin price will go back to $20000 again in 2020.

There was a lot of good news in Bitcoin recently. For example, Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX sent the support to Bitcoin and regards it as Brilliant creature in public. Moreover, JP Morgan announced that they were launching their own cryptocurrency and Blockchain application. This two news has been posted in mainstream media, reaching people who do not know about cryptocurrency.

Someone may regard the recently good news triggered the rising trend of Bitcoin price. The Bitcoin price has risen from $3600 to maximum $4000 in just a few days. The professionals think that if the positive good news is sustaining reported and more people are introduced to build up the awareness of Bitcoin, the price may go back to the level as the end of 2017 which most of the people can not afford to a Bitcoin.

It is the last chance to Buy Bitcoins.”

Jeremy, a Hong Kong billionaire and one of the Financial investors of Bexplus Exchange believes that “Today” is the time to buy or accumulate Bitcoin before the Bitcoin return back to $20000 and main financial institution start to join into the market. He said: it is the time That Bitcoin is still not noticed by most people. However, the rapid rise in the price of Bitcoin will break the concept of many people. If you are the bitcoin believer, it is best for you to have more Bitcoin when Bitcoin is not popular.

Indeed, in the bull market, the easiest way is to hold Bitcoin to wait for the rising of the price. In the bear market, the best way of traders is to trade Bitcoin Futures contract. Because in the Bear market, the best strategy is to earn much more Bitcoin as they can. A bitcoin futures contract is the best way for them to win Bitcoin. Jeremy said Bexplus provides the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin perpetual futures and 100 times leverage. Traders will find great opportunities to earn money in the present market. We are in the bear market which the price of Bitcoin may volatile in the range by some times. It means that it is a good way for traders to make a swing trade. Bexplus is a good platform for swing trade because traders can buy long or short to earn more Bitcoin by following the market trend. In addition, the 100 times leverage can help traders to expand their profit by a little margin. Bexplus welcome all the traders coming and I wish all traders can win more Bitcoin in the future.

Finally, he said: “Bexplus not only provides Bitcoin Futures but also Ethereum and Litecoin futures. It is always to have more Bitcoin now and I believe that the Bitcoin will surprise you in one or two years.

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