Following Twitter, Reddit joins the platforms allowing its users to set NFT as a profile picture. Seems like The Novatar is increasing it’s borders.

Reddit announced it is testing a feature that will allow users to set a profile pic not only Reddit’s exclusive CryptoSnoo but any NFT avatar as well. The testing is in the early stages and is not available for a large community yet. 

With the way things are going, The Novatar project gets another grand chance to show off. 

The First Tech Advanced Profile Pics 

The launch of one of the most anticipated NFT avatar projects to date, The Novatar, is just on time. The project that tributes the diversity of races, genders, personalities, and age perfectly fits the concept of the new digital era. 

The newly launching NFT drop of diverse futuristic avatars perfectly fits the spirit of today’s techno trends. 

The 25K collection of limited NFT Novatars allows buying an NFT baby avatar and aging it into a mature personality to become one’s meta identity in the upgraded social media. The collection celebrates the diverse community of different races, genders, professions. The first implemented blockchain aging technology makes your NFT Novatar connected to the owner’s identity. 

The Novatar Owner Decided When to Age the Avatar

The Novatar owners are the ones able to trigger the aging process. It means that after minting they can keep a baby Novatar as long as they wish, or start an aging process, which, by the way, is irreversible: once matured, The Novatar can’t transform into a baby again. Baby Novatars are much like real humans with different skin colors, features, facial expressions, and external appearance. The transformed adults, as in real-life, can develop remarkable features and styles, written in their genetic code. 

Novatars (both baby and adult) have genes – basic ones and optional (these genes can whether develop or not), which detect all their features – from external appearance to sexual orientation. Moreover, the optional genes define the rarity of the Novatar. For example, the Novatars with professions are considered very rare. 

Thus, the newly emerging NFT avatar drop is going to celebrate diversity and equality among all races, genders, and even ages in the digital space.
Seams like the era of NFT avatars is coming, and it’s the best moment to jump into a boat to be the first to navigate through the new digital reality which is being built by techno giants like Twitter, Meta, Reddit, and other corporations.

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