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AppTrade, the Kickstarter-like platform for mobile applications has started its crowdsale. The platform, powered by

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AppTrade, the Kickstarter-like platform for mobile applications has started its crowdsale. The platform, powered by OpenLedger is offering the APPX digital tokens to interested investors, starting February 28, 2017.

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The platform, Apptrade creates portfolios of applications that can turn profitable even if one of the apps among the list becomes profitable. This way, investors who are putting their money into the portfolios have better chances of getting rewarded for their contribution. The applications that are included in each portfolio is chosen in such a way that they support each other through regularly scheduled updates, highly visible cross promotions and the best quality standards.


In a recent press release announcing the launch of Apptrade Initial Token Offering (ITO), its founder Daniel Pineda said,

“With the transparency and security of OpenLedger, Apptrade can fully embrace this new form of collaborative marketing and funding. If one or a few of the brands go viral and become hits, it should put eyes on the rest of the brands in the group. Our mission is to improve access to value for content creators worldwide.”

The platform also offers app makers a unique opportunity to either create their own portfolio or join the existing ones and raise awareness as well as revenues for their respective applications. Apptrade also serves as a collaborative platform where developers behind a variety of apps come together to create a mutually beneficial environment. At the same time, the platform also offers a range of tools for the developers to keep track of their application’s performance, including the economic trajectory, forecast and more.

Supported by OpenLedger, it is part of the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate. The CEO of OpenLedger, Ronny Boesing was quoted in the same press release saying,

“Apptrade is the most intelligent way to buy, sell and invest in apps thanks to the tools provided enabling the VC to look at SEO and social data when doing acquisitions. To be able to invest in many apps at once and have all the compliance and tracking done automatically is simply amazing. It is the essence of innovation on the blockchain and will attract brokers worldwide.”

With so many applications in the market, it is hard for the investors to make an informed decision to make profitable investments. But with Apptrade and its list of powerful analytical tools, they can quickly pick the portfolios and applications that suit their investment needs.

Apptrade’s initiative is already well-recognized in the blockchain industry. With the ongoing ITO, the platform looks forward to raising the required funds to continue with the development process while focusing on marketing, legal and promotional activities as well. Soon after the crowdsale, it will start issuing new master tokens thrice every year. The number of tokens issued will depend on its demand.

The app portfolio marketplace is available on OpenLedger DEX, and the token sale is currently live on Apptrade’s website.

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