Theodora jumped on the Bitcoin train four years ago. And now makes really good money. The Domina lets her Free Bitcoin dig.


Domina Theodora not only has a strong knack, but also a good nose. For four years, she has been remunerated for her services in Bitcoin. As the cryptocurrency goes through the ceiling, the Frenchwoman becomes richer and richer. Every month, it collects between $ 7,000 and $ 10,000 – thanks to the consequences of the Bitcoin boom. She has long since become a millionaire.

Theodora wants even more: “I accept donations and let people mine bitcoins for me,” she tells finance portal “Marketwatch”. “It excites my customers when they can constantly use their computers to mine for me,” says Theodora. She has brought one of her clients the lucrative idea. “Most clients are business people who are knowledgeable in terms of money.”
«They stand to give up control»

Theodora specializes in the bizarre fetish FinDom. It’s about financial dominance. Specifically: Theodora’s customers want only one thing – to give their money to the dominatrix. It excites her to be exempted from a foreign person. “Powerful men are about to take control of their finances,” she explains.

Meetings in reality are very rare. Theodora has most contacts via mail or telephone. And then it gets really expensive: A call costs $ 25 – per minute! The men pay to be ignored by her on the phone. What humiliation! Should the Domina speak anyway, the rate goes horrendously up – to 69 dollars a minute. Do you understand the men …

Twitter: @TheOnlyTheodora

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