Lucky in misfortune for Coindash: The Israeli crypto company has been paid 20,000 ether coins, which apparently come from the theft of July 2017.

As the trading platform announced on Friday, February 23, the company’s wallet has received 20,000 ether units valued at approximately $ 17 million. They were then sent from the address that had been used by hackers last summer for their theft.

This is the second time that the thieves seem to be repentant: Already in September 2017, Coindash back a portion of the captured tokens, namely 10,000 ethers worth $ 3 million.

Hackers bothered ICO

In July 2017, Coindash wanted to raise fresh capital through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Users should transfer the money to the company’s wallet. However, hackers managed to change the address of the wallet displayed on the homepage. Users who participated in the round of financing sent Ether directly to the thieves instead of Coindash.

At the time, the approximately 37,000 stolen ethers were worth about $ 10 million. By comparison, the total of 30,000 returned tokens were worth $ 20 million at the time of their return.

Coindash holds onto platform launch

The return of other stolen ethers had no bearing on the company’s plan to launch the Coindash platform on February 27, CEO Alon Muroch said in a first response.

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