Shopping online is becoming the new normal, however it can become risky business having to sift through the websites to find the authentic brand. Tiffany Brown Designs plans to tackle this “forgery” crisis by using the TBD Token and platform to connect the designers directly to the end consumer.

Atlanta, GA – March 21st 2019, Tiffany Brown Designs has made global news this week with the announcement of a successful Pre-ICO that is due to close in under 24 hours. The TBD Token has become an enticing token for those looking to cash in on the “Crypto” craze, as it combines all the necessities; high end fashion, cryptocurrency, the possibility to cash-in big and an opportunity to help reduce forged designer products online.

Tiffany Brown Designs will become the first designer to both accept Cryptocurrency as payment and also have their own utility token that quite possibly could change the landscape of the entire fashion industry. The TBD Token will be used as a utility token within their ecosystem to authenticate their clothing through the private blockchain system. The token will also give the customer access to exclusive promotions and rewards available only to token-holders.

Tiffany Brown Designs Token (TBD) is a decentralized platform and eco-system that will prevent forged high-end items from being spread and sold in the online and physical world. The TBD ecosystem, built using blockchain technology, will allow for a real-time “authenticity checker.” TBD will build a decentralized app (DApp) that allows manufacturers to upload their product information fully encrypted. This information will only be seen by the products’ manufacturer and the end consumer who bought the item via unique QRcode. If the consumer wants to sell, trade or just hold on to the items they can always prove that the items are genuine.

During a recent press conference, the company spokesperson for Tiffany Brown Designs was quoted as saying, “Tiffany Brown wants to compete with quality authentic clothing. Our usage of blockchain will be used to validate the authenticity of our clothing, supply chain and with our reward program. Our reward program will be used with the introduction of our token, Tiffany Brown Design Token.” She went on to say, “Token-holders will have the option of selling their TBD Token on the exchange for a profit or holding it to use within the ecosystem.”

Industry Analysts have predicted that the TBD Token will be a 2019 favorite, as it combines both Cryptocurrency and the fashion industry. Many believe the fashion industry is in desperate need of a way to authenticate the “real thing”, and Tiffany Brown Designs looks to be delivering just that. The TBD Token ICO is set to close on March 22nd, 2019 is currently 1 Ether for 100 TBD Tokens.

To learn more about the Tiffany Brown Designs TBD Token, visit their official ICO website at

To find out more about the Tiffany Brown Collection, visit their website at

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