TitheCoin, the name itself alludes to the true purpose of the venture. TitheCoin takes its name from the English word Tithe which meant one- tenth. TitheCoin strives to work on the concept of ‘Tithe’ which basically meant that the people in the past had to pay 10 percent of their income to religious institutions in order to expedite charitable and business activities.

TitheCoin, follows and reinvents the concept, by introducing it using a disruptive technology. TitheCoin is an altcoin built on Bitcoin blockchain-backed Counterparty platform and is latest cryptocurrency that hopes to bridge the gap between charity and commercial investments by enabling funding for projects carefully chosen for their potential to benefit the society in general.

The idea is to modernize the concept of Tithe collection. The tech savvy Christian team of developers behind TitheCoin is working hard with the intent to implement the revamped idea of Tithe.

What makes the idea even more appealing is the accountability that is brought in by the transparent nature of this blockchain based initiative. It also makes contributions simpler. The potential of TitheCoin is immense and can make a difference at a vast scale profiting thousands if not millions.

The idea is to make profit while giving out to others. This is conspicuous at the outset as the ongoing ICO campaign launched on Christmas day 2016 to raise money already offers a maximum bonus of 15% to the investors. Investors also stand to gain from monthly dividends on the projects supported by them. Moreover, 10,000,000 crypto-tokens have been set aside out of which 100,000 is for bounties.

The ICO will end on March 31, 2017 and any unsold tokens after the crowd sale will be burnt to prevent the cryptocurrency from losing its value.

TitheCoin is a perfect combination of charity and investment while hoping to bring about a change and make a difference. TitheCoin, by incentivizing charity, is encouraging benefaction towards important causes like social and community development.

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