Environmental pollution is a problem that’s attracting more and more attention around the globe in last decades. Results of the human impact on the nature are everywhere: climate change, water and soil pollution, many species are on the brink of extinction, to name a few. And while many people do nothing and watch there are those who are trying to find solutions and implement them in our life so that future generations can live in the clean and prosperous world. One of them is the Greentoken. This company uses pyrolysis method to recycle the waste.

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Many people are concerned with waste disposal problem. Throughout the research scientists have found that in 2010 humanity reached the point of no return, it is not safe to store the waste on our planet anymore.
There are two ways of waste management – dumping and incineration. Dumping became in the end of the previous century because decomposition of polymers and various plastics takes too much time (up to 1000 years!) while produced in this process toxic substances penetrate the soil and water polluting and poisoning it.

95% of the waste mass is recycled in the process of incineration, but without waste segregation this process leads to release of various chemicals in the atmosphere (because things like batteries are burned). Only 10% of countries sort out the waste before sending it to the recycling plant.

The Greentoken’s goal is to solve this problem. To achieve it this company builds a recycling plant able to deal with any type of waste: solid, organic, medical or industrial without initial sorting. It is done with the help of pyrolysis reactor in which the waste is recycled without access to oxygen at a temperature of 1300°C.

Greentoken’s advantages:

  1. Unique technology – Greentoken is the first company to recycle 100% of the waste through the pyrolysis reactor.
  2. Blockchain asset – opportunity to invest in the real business.
  3. Effective R&D – 3 years of development.
  4. Successful test of the reactor – in the February 2018 the company has tested a prototype of pyrolysis reactor.
  5. Patent for the technology – only Greentoken can use pyrolysis reactor in Kazakhstan in waste recycling.
  6. Safe recycling – pyrolysis method is not harmful for the environment.
  7. Kazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbaev in his message about the waste recycling has supported project related to municipal solid waste.
  8. Strong team – from marketing officers to top tier engineers.
  9. Token purchase – discount on the shares of the Greentoken company. (

In the February 2018 the company has tested a prototype of this reactor in Germany. The test has accounted for different types of waste in the Astana city, that allowed to show technical feasibility of the reactor as well as to determine the amount of produced syngas and coke.
Reactors are engineered in accordance with German standards for emissions of harmful substance. Moreover, reactors are non-explosive because the process goes at atmospheric pressure.

With this method 95% of the waste is converted into the syngas – mix of carbon monoxide and hydrogen used in electricity generation.

Energy produce from syngas will power the industrial greenhouse complex with area of 20 hectares. With its help the company expects to reduce vegetable and fruit prices in the Astana by 3 or 4 times! The greenhouse will be able to produce up to 12 thousand ton of cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper and flowers per year or 10% of Astana’s annual consumption.

More info in our White Paper

Other 5% of the waste are transformed into coke that can be sold as it is or turned into the foam glass. Foam glass was created at USSR in 1930 as universal building material. It has many qualities such as thermo- and sound insulation, liquid ingress protection as well as enormous lifetime of more than 100 years without degradation. A lot of energy in the gas form, electricity and raw materials (glass) are needed for mass production. Furthermore, it’s quite expensive to buy manufactured glass to produce foam glass. That’s why the amount of enterprises producing and supplying it is rather small however the demand is quite high.  But the Greentoken waste recycling plant will produce foam glass from cullet.

(Ashat Kasymov, CEO, at International Downstream Asian Conference)

It’s worth mentioning that government also supports “green technologies” geared towards cleaner production.  Innovations in “green” production throughout various events like EXPO-2017 and Downstream Asian Conference have led to changes in several laws connected with small and medium enterprises in Kazakhstan. Projects related to waste recycling will get investments from the government.

Furthermore, foreign investors have exemption from all taxation in the country, forms like income or land tax. Also, there are no customs duties on equipment.

Greentoken’s team is trying to change Kazakhstan’s citizens life for good, but the global aim is changing the life for the whole world with the help of new technologies and smart solutions while increasing feasibility and decreasing costs.  Companies like this are the ones shaping our future.

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