Just recently TokenDesk entered an exclusive club of successful ICOs by selling out all three million. tokens on their pre-ICO campaign. This was a huge leap forward for a company which aims to reshape the existing ICO market by bringing a revolutionary platform.

Dubai is Digging it

The platform is now being developed as the start of their ICO was more than promising. The global blockchain community expressed high interest in the project which promised to deliver more stability, security and reliability in this digital Wild West. 

Currently the market is nearly exploding with high number of ICO‘s suggesting to decentralize a wide variety of online services. Many of those are promising and will certainly bring a long-needed change to the world.

One of the best examples to understand the perspective of blockchain is to look at Dubai. Last week, the government officials announced that all real estate data will be stored in a secure, blockchain-based platform. It is currently under development and will be introduced to the wider public in around a three-year period. It will allow to process all sorts of operations by an individual, anywhere in the world. This will eliminate a need to visit a physical entity of any governmental institution.

A Smart Move

TokenDesk reached its success by utilizing a new strategy for its ICO. When an ordinary ICO starts most of its supporters and investors make direct contributions. This is the generally the most popular way to develop any crowdfunding campaign.

However, there is a different path that could be taken to ensure noticeably greater results. In cases of Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns, as an example, everything goes well with such strategy as there are no obstacles in financing any of those. When we speak about an ICO – it‘s a different story. Regardless the amount of media coverage that is now focused on blockchain technology, the actual number of people and investors who participate in them is of a tiny fraction to compare with the hard currency and financial markets.

Understanding this, TokenDesk took it to the higher level by partnering with some ICO enthusiasts in India. Their task was to introduce TDS tokens to investors and general public, to those who don‘t usually invest using cryptocurrencies but use more traditional ways instead.

The idea of such paid off greatly as India became the third country after United States and United Kingdom to invest in TokenDesk.

ICO Continues

Even though the ICO of TokenDesk started with a boom, the company is ready to develop further contacts from all over the world to ensure successful development of their revolutionary platform. It is even more important to spread the knowledge to all interested in blockchain technology and opportunities lying in it.

Being an ICO partner of TokenDesk ensures attractive incentives to both partners and investors. It is a rare opportunity to get into such influential global project and partners are gathering from all over the world to take a piece of action.

Interest from Taiwan

“It is a pleasure to represent TokenDesk in Taiwan,” says Christopher Shen, the advising partner in one of the most promising regions in Asia.

“My team and I have been working with Blockchain related projects for several years now and it is truly remarkable to see how far the market has gone during this considerably short period of time. By doing the strategic sales development for such projects, I have an access to the most innovative investors and groups of blockchain enthusiasts in Asia.”

“TokenDesk is one of the few projects to which I see as a tool to bridge traditional investors into the crypto market. I believe in success as the market hasn’t got anything like it yet. And it needs it,” stated Christopher.

TokenDesk ICO facts

By the end of the second week, it’s been almost four million tokens sold in the ICO. Investors from 126 countries supported the TokenDesk project bringing over $4 million.

The top three countries bearing the major share of investments are the US, UK and India. Not surprisingly, leading financial instruments used to fund TokenDesk the most – are cryptocurrencies – with bitcoin and ether amounting to over 80 percent of all investments.

TokenDesk is launching their alpha version of the platform even before the end of ICO. It is planned to show the first important stages of development in the middle of November. Having in mind the fact that their ICO ends just before Christmas, it might be the greatest present this year will bring us.

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