There is a wide range of different cryptocurrencies available nowadays. You can choose to trade with major digital tokens like Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash or you can invest in less-popular coins like Dash, Stellar, Zcash or Cardano. It depends on the type of investor you are, whether you prefer instant returns or investing in a long-term project. In this article, we will talk about the best options if you want to start trading with major cryptocurrencies.

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  1. Bitcoin

Predicting Bitcoin prices in 2018 is a bit of a challenge, taking into the account what we have seen during the last couple of months. I took a deep fall down in March from 10.000 USD to 8.000 USD in just 1 week. As for the day of writing (September 25th, 2018), it is valued 6.427 USD. Currently, BTC shows bullish signs and firm position to reach 7.000 USD mark this month. Many experts believe that this cryptocurrency will reach 40.000 USD in just about few years. It is due to the fact, that BTC is becoming more mainstream and more accessible for trading. For instance, in a Forbes article, Chris Kline who is a respected financial expert points out that these bullish signs can be interpreted as an indicator that the price may go well over 40.000 USD by the end of 2019.

  1. Ripple

Recently, XRP doubled its value in just one day going from 0.324 USD on 20th of September to 0.650 USD on the 21st of September. This drastic increase has been dictated by the news of a brand-new platform launched by Ripple called xRapid. It is a product solely designed for financial institutions and banks. In essence, it is a software which allows international payments using the platform’s own coin – XRP. Potentially, if you would have bought XRP before it rose in its value you could have made some serious profits so far.

  1. Ethereum

Ethereum has shown some volatility as for September 2018, trading at around 300 USD at the beginning of the month and falling to 170 USD on September 12th. Despite this fact, it shows 7 % recovery rate since that time and is currently valued 211 USD. Nevertheless, throughout its history, Ethereum has proved itself as an excellent long-term investment. If we are to look back in 2017, it was traded around 10 bucks and rose up to 750 USD by the end of the year. Among the reasons why it is believed to rise in value in the near feature is increased interest in smart contracts and the increasing trend of more companies adopting decentralized cloud-based application. This is, basically, what the Ethereum platform has to offer.


The main factor you should be looking at is what the cryptocurrency platform itself has to offer. The more innovative it is – the more chances that it will boost its value in global cryptocurrency market.