Blockchain has blossomed in the past years, with more and more companies and projects using the implementations of this technology to revolutionize and improve various fields and sectors.

But there are some companies that stand out from the crowd as they have contributed to the development of the blockchain ecosystem. We have compiled a list of some of the top blockchain development companies in 2019.

IBM Blockchain Enterprise

IBM is a giant in tech innovations and has been in the IT industry for decades. It was among the first organizations to offer support for the Hyperledger project, as well as increase the popularity of this blockchain network.

IBM has established a lab which focuses specifically on providing blockchain solutions and expert help on said technology. This blockchain development company allows for the creation of a complete blockchain platform, enables blockchain asset management, and secures transactions by using its IBM cloud.

Its list of services also features a kick-starter program, acceleration programs, and innovation services for new projects from this sphere. IBM’s reputation guarantees all its solutions and services have the best quality in the industry as they are developed by the best experts in the field.

IBM also has numerous partnerships with various businesses from a number of industries that want to either experiment include distributed ledger technology (DLT), new blockchain solutions that can also be used with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab

Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab is a branch of the Intellectsoft Group, which is able to access the biggest number of blockchain engineering, cryptography, and cybersecurity experts in the Eastern side of Europe. The lab has already helped numerous SMBs and enterprises with its expertise. E&Y, London Stock Exchange, The World Bank, Nestle, and Shell are some of the companies it has assisted.

The lab also provides a variety of services for startups such as product vision and technical design workshop, development for private and public blockchains, smart contracts development and audit, and hybrid systems development.

Intellectsoft’s lab also helps enterprises with Proof of Concept vision and technical design workshops, development of consortium networks, and incorporating blockchain solutions with other infrastructures. The technologies on which this blockchain development company relies on includes Parity, EOS, and Stellar.


LeewayHertz creates applications by merging a number of innovative technologies, like IoT, Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This blockchain company also offers mobile and web development services, and it also focuses on startups and enterprises.  LeewayHertz has so far made blockchain implementations in several fields: Healthcare, IoT, Aviation, Peer-to-peer lending, Insurance, and Legal sector.

They offer distributed ledger solutions and services based on Hyperledger, Ethereum, as well as Hedera Hashgraph (a directed acyclic graph -DAG).

This blockchain development company uses the technology in gathering data, streamlining business processes, and increasing privacy, automation, and functionality.


Innovecs is a large software firm based in Ukraine that also specialized in the development of blockchain application, distributed file management, financial transfer solutions, and enterprise cryptocurrency platforms.

Innovecs assists organizations from the e-commerce, retail, high tech, and healthcare sectors. Their proficiency covers business intelligence and Big Data, AI, QA automation, hybrid apps, and DevOps. Seeing as Innovecs has a wide range of skills and experts, they are the perfect company for large enterprises that are looking to integrate blockchain solutions.

MLG Blockchain

MLG Blockchain is a blockchain company that provides a large list of services and solutions for this technological sector.

It assists its clients in building applications that incorporate blockchain and smart contract technology. The company currently works with a number of blockchain fabrics Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Factom.

MLG Blockchain is a small company which focuses only on blockchain development, integration and support.


Having more than two decades of experience in developing and revising security applications Coinfabrik is an experienced development company. It offers a host of blockchain solutions such as smart contract development, smart contract audits, blockchain development, Hyperledger, private blockchain development, and many others.

CoinFabrik is not only limited to blockchain, branching out to other software sectors such as UI & UX design, applications integration, hybrid cloud environment product deployment, QA and maintenance services.

Empirica Software

The last on our list is Empirica Software, a blockchain development company which cater to financial technology projects. In order to have the best performance, they launched a separate Algorithmic Trading Platform that can be of use to both traders and quants.

Empirica Software offers various FinTech solutions such as FinTech software development, blockchain development, machine learning, data science, and AI.


With this, we conclude our article on the top blockchain development companies in 2019. We expect to see many more developments and innovations from these companies any time soon.


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