Getting free tokens nowadays is easy, as there are many cryptocurrency airdrop campaigns you can choose from. We have selected some of the most interesting crypto airdrops that you can take part in this August.

Challenge (CLG) is an Ethereum BlockChain based CryptoCurrency, CLG can be converted to Bitcoin,Ethereum or other crypto using third party exchanges.Challenge (CLG)

Estimated value: $10

End date: 8 August

Challenge (CLG) is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain, developed by the Challenge social media and e-commerce platform. The project launched on 01 June 2020 and set its goal to help users from all over the world earn extra money by working remotely.

The CLG Token is the native token of the platform, which is used as payment for the work done on Challenge. Users can buy, invest, or trade the coin as well on the available exchanges.

Challenge (CLG) can be found listed on BW and Coinmarketcap.

Participation instructions:

  • Access the Challenge Airdrop bot and start a chat;
  • Join their Telegram group and Telegram channel; (Mandatory, +20 CLG)
  • Follow the company on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet; (Mandatory, +20 CLG)
  • Follow their official YouTube and Facebook accounts; (Mandatory, +10 CLG)
  • Send the completed tasks and details to the Airdrop bot;
  • Receive 50 CLG ($10) tokens;
  • Earn an additional 10 CLG ($2) for each referral.


  • Telegram;
  • Twitter;
  • Mail;
  • Facebook;
  • Youtube.

Crypto Copyright System is an Innovative Market Network a system that includes the interaction of the three main participants in the field of Internet Art: Authors, Subscribers, and Media.Crypto Copyright System (CCS)

Estimated value: $20

End date: 7 August

Crypto Copyright System is an online market place that aims to provide transparency and fair intellectual property management to publishers, photographers, image agencies, and e-commerce.

By using blockchain, the platform takes a different and innovative approach for the redistribution of copyright registration, licensing, and the payment process.

Participation instructions:

  • Open the CCS Telegram bot and start a chat;
  • Join the CCS Telegram group;
  • Join the Coinsbit Telegram group and Telegram channel;
  • Repost one of their messages either on Twitter, VK, or Instagram;
  • Sign up on Coinsbit exchange and pass the KYC verification;
  • Send the details to your Airdrop form;
  • Send the bot your repost post link so it can verify it;
  • You will receive 20,000 CCS ($20) tokens;
  • Earn an extra 5,000 CCS ($5) by referring a new person.


  • Telegram;
  • Twitter;
  • Mail;
  • KYC.

Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange which was started in China but then moved their headquarters to the crypto-friendly Island of Malta in the EU. Binance is popular for its crypto to crypto exchange services.Binance

Estimated value: N/A

End date: 13 August

Binance, one of the top exchanges in the crypto industry, is entering its 3rd year of existence. To celebrate this occasion, Binance is be giving away 10,000 BNB, 1,800,000 CHR, and 75,000 PNT tokens to their users that will complete a series of tasks during a set period.

Participation instructions:

  • Register for an account on Binance and receive up to $100 in BNB tokens or up to $100 in CHR tokens;
  • Have your email verified;
  • Download Binance App for your mobile phone and sign up using the same email address;
  • Make a trade on Binance during the campaign;
  • Go to Binance App – Account – My gifts to claim your gifts;
  • If a friend opens the gift, then you will both get a random reward of up to $100 in tokens each.


  • Email;
  • App.

YOKdataYOKdata is all about private, safe, secure, encrypted cloud storage. Your data will be encrypted and stored using blockchain technology in combination with your own personal key(s).

Estimated value: $7

End date: 11 August

YOKdata is a blockchain-based platform that encrypts data using personal keys for private, safe, secure cloud storage.

Launched in 2001 by a family business called Support2U, YOKdata has developed a variety of web-applications, such as Secundo (business management & CRM), SoGolf (administration for golf associations), and SoClub.

Participation instructions:

  • Access the YOKdata Airdrop page;
  • Join the project’s Telegram group; (Optional, +50 YOK)
  • Sign up for an account on the YOKdata website; (Optional, +125 YOK)
  • Follow their Twitter account; (Optional, +25 YOK)
  • Send your tasks and details to the airdrop page;
  • Collect up to 200 YOK ($7) tokens for your completed tasks.


  • Telegram;
  • Twitter;
  • Mail.

Origin Protocol

Estimated value: $178 670 (Total Airdrop Value)

End date: 31 August

Origin Protocol plans on launching a platform that can create and support various decentralized marketplaces. Here, buyers and sellers are able to connect with one another and trade goods via blockchain. By using Ethereum blockchain and IPFS, the company is developing a set of protocols, developer libraries, and a decentralized application.

Origin Protocol and Huobi, a popular crypto exchange, are partnering to airdrop to all OGN holders, a total of 500,000 OGN. Participants have to hold at least 1,000 OGN daily for two months (July 1, 2020, to August 31, 2020) in order to be able to take part in the airdrop.

Participation instructions:

  • Go to Huobi’s website and create an account on the exchange;
  • Hold 1,000 ONG on Huobi during the two airdrop phases:
    • Round 1: July 1, 2020, to July 31, 2020, 11:59 PM;
    • Round 2: August 1, 2020, to August 31, 2020, 11:59 PM.
  • Join the project’s newsletter and Wechat group;
  • After every round, the OGN holders will receive a part of the 250,000 OGN as a reward based on how much OGN they are holding comparative to all other OGN holders.

Here is the formula on which the rewards will be based:

OGN rewarded = OGN Holder score x (The average OGN holdings that the user holds during the month / The total amount of OGN all users hold)

It should be noted that holders who have an average of 1,000 HT or more in each monthly airdrop period will receive double their average OGN holdings. Those who have held a minimum of 1,000 HT for 90 days before each airdrop delivery will have triple the average OGN holdings for the month of their rewards calculation.


  • WeChat;
  • Email.


This has been our list featuring some of the top crypto airdrops which will take place in August 2020. We hope that you will find at least one airdrop that will interest you.

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