Virtual currencies have become the big hit and sensation of the 21st century. Pretty much everyone and their mother has some kind of portfolio in cryptos, even if it is just 1 Ripple, someday it may bring you thousands of dollars. Everyone got inspired by the smart Bitcoin investors of the past who managed to make millions with only a few hundred dollars.

Right now everybody is talking about the risks that Bitcoin’s crash is bringing to the market, but honestly, it doesn’t really have any effect, judging by the sheer amount of cryptos out today. Also one of the key factors of this huge amount of cryptos is that they are sometimes impossible to track with just news so some people just resort to good old numbers. But where can you find these numbers? And where do you safeguard all your precious coins?

Platforms to help you out

When people are trading stocks, they usually take it very slow and rely on news and information gathered from forex calendar, However, cryptocurrencies are a lot faster and more unpredictable so single news pieces sometimes take seconds to have an effect. That’s why it’s always important to be ready.

With today’s mobile lives, people tend to slowly but surely disregard PC stations for trading and are opting for a more relaxed Mobile trading environment. Most of the traders are just easy going casual traders who don’t need big stations of multiple screens to be successful. That’s why mobile apps are the most popular platforms for today’s traders. We have mentioned the 3 best we could find so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer number of these apps.

Let’s get into them:


Coinbase is pretty much the first application to come out on its own and offer customers the service of buying, selling and tracking cryptocurrencies. Many say that it is currently the #1 most useful App when it comes to crypto trading. They may be right, looking at how many people actually use it. The downsides of Coinbase is that fees for deposits and withdrawals can be a little bit high for the taste of a casual trader, but when it comes to storing and using your cryptocurrencies it is one of the best platforms to use because the built-in feature that helps you find merchants who accept cryptos as payment.


BitWorth needs to be mentioned as a non-wallet app, that needs to be gotten out of the way in the beginning. The application was actually made by a single developer, who has garnered applause from the general community about the ease of use and immaculate design of the platform’s interface. BitWorth is a very specific app, it only allows you to see the value of all the crypto you currently own and what would be a viable investment or re-investment for them.

Unfortunately, because it is a one developer venture, the app is only featured on iOS and only has the price telling feature which still makes it minimalist functionality shine through the rest.

Crypto Tracker

Crypto Tracker may not have all the fancy gizmos of Coinbase, but it can feature nearly 14 fiat currencies with which you can measure your winnings or losses. It does exactly what it says, it tracks the prices and presents you the results. Also, it is a very handy app if you travel a lot and require quick calculations for your cryptos, without bothering about first turning them to USD and then to the local currency.

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