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The process of crypto trading can be quite complex, and there are a lot of aspects that would-be traders should focus on. There is the problem of choosing the right coins, knowing when to buy and when to sell, and alike. However, even if the new trader knows how to do all that, there is still a matter of choosing the right trading platform. This is where Tradesprite comes in.

Tradesprite — Netflix for traders

Tradesprite is a cryptocurrency exchange based on a subscription fee model that only accepts one token — CGC. The team behind the exchange has actually managed to create a very stable and efficient platform through a combination of transparency, low trading fees, and high security. Additionally, the platform is also extremely fast and capable of handling as many as 180,000 transactions per second.

The idea behind the design is to allow traders to focus more on actual trading, without feeling the pressure of high fees. They achieved this by creating a subscription model that allows unlimited trading for only 1000 CGC per month. Not only that, but the platform also uses a deep liquidity pool mechanism to allow higher liquidity for coin issuers. This makes Tradesprite platform an ideal place for coin/token issuers.

The subscription fee of 1000 CGC ($25-$30) per month is actually a brilliant move by the platform. The team believes that there is a huge trading community that will be drawn to unlimited trading, especially since a lot of other exchanges have quite high fees. Also, by insisting on the use of CGC tokens, which are issued by Crowd Genie, Tradesprite can also provide traders with further benefits.

Not to mention that the demand for the token will rise, as well as its price. That way, CGC token holders may make a profit without ever using the coin for actual trading. Also, there is also an AirDrop program ongoing. The program will provide 1 million CGC reward for the first 10,000 users on the platform. The details can be seen here.

How to get Airdropped 100 CGC:

Sign-up @ –

Set your password

Complete your KYC

Join Tradesprite on Telegram

100 CGC will be airdropped to your CGC wallet. The payout would commence from 10th Oct’18 onwards. Every day 9 am Singapore time payment would be processed.

So far, the deal that Tradesprite is offering seems too good to be true, and many might be wondering whether there are some unspoken fees. While a healthy dose of skepticism is always good to have when dealing with the crypto world, there is no reason to doubt Tradesprite. Its team has shown conviction, and it always delivers on its promises.

The deal is true, and traders that are interested can confirm this for themselves, starting on October 10. This is the date when Tradesprite will go live and will welcome all interested traders and investors that are willing to join. The platform and the team will make trading rewarding and profitable, which is what makes this an opportunity that should not be missed.

About Tradesprite

Incorporated in Singapore being Tier 1 Global Financial Hub. Managed by highly experience team from financial services market.

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