Integrating Smart and IoT devices into city infrastructures

AMSTERDAM – Parksen will build a Green, Smart & Connected City Platform – powered by the Ethereum blockchain and immutable smart contracts and a real-time parking app – that will bring much needed innovation to modern and urban hotspots around the world. Our mission? Enriching and connecting these metropolises with truly green solutions, smart and IoT device integrations, overall cost reductions and general infrastructural optimization for citizens and municipalities alike.

Today, parking pain is something that causes damage to one’s finances as well as mental and physical health. Congestion and emissions are costing citizens and cities millions of dollars each year, and things are not getting better as time goes on. High time for some innovation, and Parksen is here to take the lead into the future through a real-time parking app and a platform that offers a universal dashboard for anyone who has parking spots to give.

Get Smart

Imagine a world where devices would talk back to maintenance workers, letting them know exactly when and where something has stopped working. This would make fixing broken equipment exceptionally efficient. Or sensors that monitor traffic congestion and pollution? This kind of data is paramount when trying to create a healthier and more efficient standard of living in large cities.

Another scenario: imagine pulling up to a parking garage. While you’re waiting in front of the gate you receive a message in your Parksen app asking you if you want to start a parking session. Upon tapping yes, the camera above the gate registers your license plate and allows you to pass. When you’re ready to leave, that same camera recognizes your plates, ends the session and opens up the gate. Sounds pretty smart, no?

These are just a few of the countless possible innovations waiting to be made. Innovations that will not only benefit drivers, but also companies, who can use small devices to keep an eye on the busy moments, traffic and other variables that could benefit from analytics.

It is our belief that smart and IoT device integrations will drastically improve the day-to-day life and add an extra layer of trust and security to our cities. Not only will it save several stakeholders both time and money, it also allows local municipalities insight into their transportation and environmental situations, with which they can start applying more structural solutions.

Why Use Ethereum?

Parksen will also play a big role towards mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies in daily life situations. By working together with governments and cities, rather than against them, Parksen hopes to both increase institutional trust towards crypto as well as take away doubts of skeptical individuals. The services will exclusively run on PARQ, which are Parksen’s own ERC20-compatible Ethereum utility tokes. If users do not possess PARQ, they can initiate the purchase with FIAT currency which the app will use to obtain the right amount of PARQ via exchanges.

Want to Make History?

Parksen as an app and as a platform will revolutionize urban infrastructure development, but to do so proficiently we will need all the help we can get. If you think that you would benefit from Parksen, please head over to our website and check out the whitepaper for more in-depth information. A greener, smarter and more connected city starts with you. Let’s get smart!

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Find out more about the Parksen Green, Smart and Connected City Platform, the team behind it and our mission on our website and experience the benefits of applying sustainable and profitable solutions to your infrastructure.

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