Transmission, a global, electronic multi-currency transfer platform, is all set to bring revolutionary changes in conventional currency transfers and conversions industry. The inclusion of cryptocurrency to the platform’s ecosystem now allows network users to transfer or exchange cryptocurrencies at a direct current exchange rate. For instance, if a user needs to send ETH from the United States to China and the recipient wants to receive it in CNY, involving total transaction costs of not more than 1%, the process is straightforward. The company claims that its commissions are 5 to 7 times lower, on average than other similar currency transfer services.

The ICO Pre-ICO of TMN Tokens

As recently announced by the company, ICO of Transmission Token (TMN) is set to commence on August 30, 2017, following the pre-ICO that started on August 25, 2017. The crowdsale of Transmission ICO will last for ten days, offering 110,000,000 tokens, out of which 40% will be set aside as Reserved Tokens, while the rest will be distributed among investors, the company’s team members, and Bounty Advisors. TMN tokens could be purchased via ETH, BTC LTC. It should be noted that TMN tokens will not be issued in free flow and frozen by smart contracts for at least 1 year.

Discounts for investors

The ICO discounts are based on the volume of tokens bought as per the following criteria:

  • More than 100 ETH = 15% discount as per the crowdsale price
  • More than 300 ETH = 20% discount as per the crowdsale price

The Dynamic Features of Transmission Platform

The goal of the company is to remove barriers and borders from conventional currency transfer processes, across the globe, as well as between the digital crypto-currencies and fiat currencies world. Development of an efficient and fine-tuned distributed financial design and leveraging the capabilities of blockchain, users can save huge amounts of money by reduced transactional commissions and costs. The simple to use interface enables users to execute transactions easily as well as in a faster manner since registering and passing the authorization process takes no more than 5 minutes.

The platform converts currencies including all major crypto-currencies at direct current, average exchange rate, as displayed on the leading currency markets and crypto exchanges. Because of the precise configuration of the platform’s own liquidity management network, complete integration with cryptocurrency environment based on block solutions, and access to markets for conventional currencies in various parts of the world, Transmission offers its users a profitable solution to make transfers and currency conversions.

At this moment, Transmission services allows fast international conversions and transfers of currencies including AUD, NZD, USD, CAD, EUR, GPB, JPY, CHF, CNY (Chinese Yuan), RUR (Russian Ruble), SGD (Singapore Dollar), HKD (Hong Kong Dollar), INR (Indian Rupee), NOK (Norwegian Krone). The supported crypto-currencies include BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, and XRP. With each development stage, more currencies and crypto-currencies will be added in the structure.

The Developments

The funds raised from the TMN token crowdsale will be used as per the following schedule:

  • Research Development = 30%
  • Common CAPEX = 20%
  • Working Capital Fund = 40%
  • Marketing Sales = 10%

What do Transmission Uber Have in Common?

Uber is one of the fastest growing and most successful global IT firms having the capitalization of more than $60 Billion revenue of $6.5 billion. The company targets one of the most lucrative markets of today i.e. the taxi market characterized by an annual growth rate of 10-20%. Uber model is highly reflected in that of Transmission but in the area of global money transfer. The size of the market is $3 trillion per year, apart from popular and an ever growing market for crypto-currencies that show growth potential of 30-50% every year.

The growth of Transmission can be a big challenge for traditional transfers currency conversion service providers in future.

To know more about what else Transmission is coming up for its users, to take part in the upcoming ICO, please visit

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