Just a quick update this week. Desktop beta is just around the corner, so we are still focusing all our efforts on getting it out to you. As you all know, the final few laps before the finish are always the longest.

Firstly, a quick review of the remaining tasks mentioned in last week’s update. The Proof of Work library is complete. Code cleanup and documentation are still ongoing, but are, for the most part, done. A few hours’ work is required here at most. SeedVault is up and running on Android/iOS, so you can easily migrate from mobile to desktop on release.

There’s not much left to do ultimately. Just some further documentation/cleanup, minor adjustments here and there, testing, and all peripheral tasks associated with releasing an application.

And finally.. while a community favourite, the default Trinity theme shares a lot in common with generic cigarette packets. Colour psychology is a very real thing and a more neutral colour scheme is a subtle, but key factor in adoption. Accordingly, we have designed a classy new default theme that we look forward to sharing with you.

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