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That is what both the background chatter and foreground analysis is screaming at us…. Now is the optimum time to invest in TRON [TRX].

The crypto sites are chattering away with TRON news.  The Ethereum community giveaway combined with new exchanges and of course the hope by HODlers that TRON can moon.  In fact, TRON is getting more chat and hype than the Royal Wedding in the UK.  There is an underlying feeling that now is a key moment that those who are hoping to invest in TRON really ought to.  It feels like it will rise steeply in the next few weeks.

Add to this the bold and punchy rhetoric from the TRON CEO and one could be mistaken for a meteoric rise very soon.  Justin Sun believes that TRON can rise up the coinmarketcap to become a top 6 coin.  That is a big play for this young CEO, who is not afraid to put his ‘virtual” balls on the line once again.  Perhaps, this is why he is like marmite to so many.  One either loves him or hates him. A bit like Donald Trump or Steve Jobs.  Nevertheless, Sun is forecasting amazing things for the market cap and why would he want to look foolish?

But and I have to caveat this with a big but, will the current crypto community buy-in and invest?  Even when the signaling is telling them that there is a potential golden handshake on offer in terms of price momentum.  How many will sell their Ripple and Stellar, which are languishing on their rock bottom prices?  How many will cut their losses elsewhere to pile into TRON, even if it goes against their principles?  Time will tell…

At $0.08, TRON looks like a golden egg from the Willie Wonka movies.  This commentator has seen hype before.  But, this time the landscape is looking very different for TRON. It is coming of age.

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