TRON (TRX)  – Forbes’ 30 under 30, Justin Sun, has proven to us that his marketing skills lead to results. After peaking at around $0.30 cents, the $14 billion dollar ICO Tron has since fallen to a low of $0.02. However, since then, that low has recovered significantly and is currently trading at $0.04. It is a very exciting time for investors of this project as the current $0.04 price is fairly well above the initial less-than-a-cent ICO.

Tron is a decentralized entertainment content protocol based on blockchain technology that strives to construct a global way of providing free content. Tron lays out the foundation for distribution and subscription of content without the means of a third party source like Youtube. Like many other projects, it uses the decentralized distributed public ledger system to let users publish, store and own data and more specifically distribute autonomous content.This service empowers content creators. Tron has some promising partnerships with applications like Giro, Obike, and Peiwo. The team at the Tron foundation strives to create a decentralized internet, something that Justin Sun calls the web 4.0. This new web 4.0 will allow everyone to freely create content, websites, and applications, without relying on centralized services.

One of the best performing coins in the first quarter of 2018, Tron, has plunged to a low of almost $0.01. After the weekends big dip, many believe this to be the start of the upward tick as we already see Tron trading at $0.04 cents. The cryptocurrency market has surged past a $340 billion market and only time will tell when we reach that $400 billion mark. We are still very early in this market and this is a very exciting time.

First Beta Launch

The Tron foundation has announced that on March 31st, they will be launching their first beta version of EXODUS. This new technology will offer more advantages in comparison to the current blockchain system. This will lead to at least 1,000 transactions per second while keeping fees at a minimum low. The beta version will encompass the TRON virtual Machine (TVM) – a tool that will enable smart contracts to be created in various programing languages including Java compiled into byte-code by the Tron compiler.

TRON Coin Burn on March 31st

March 31st seems to be an important day in the crypto world – especially for Tron. For a long time now we have heard this date time and time again. Something that Tron holders are very excited about is the coin burn. TRON creator, Justin Sun, announced a couple of months ago that he was going to start burning TRON at a slow rate – similar to what XRP does. For every so many transactions there will be one TRX coin burned. Proof of burn is an alternative to proof of work as well as proof of stake. The consensus algorithm requires that the miners provide the proof that they burned the coins by sending the coins to a verifiable and ususpendable wallet. Many believe that this could spike up the value big time.

Test Net Launch

As if this Match 31st date wasn’t already jammed packed with exciting news, there is one more thing going on that day: the TRON test net launch. Justin Sun himself has gone to twitter with a countdown timer for excited holders. This new launch will remove the Ethereum dependency and open doors to a bigger market so it is no wonder why people are so excited for this date. The test net is expected to open new avenues for running a full node and allow the deployment of customized digital assets. The test net will bear all the functions of a basic blockchain and enable sending and receiving of transactions as well as voting. Investors and skeptics believe that this chunk of news will start to turn things around.

TRON’s Partnership with BitGuild

Over the past few weeks TRON has made announcements of partnerships and new exchange listings. It is hard to tell whether or not this contributed to today’s upward price tick, but it is certain that TRON’s future looks very bright as they continue to update their tech. TRON was recently added to 6 exchanges, including Bittrex and Upbit. Some analysts and experts are calling the BitGuild and TRON partnership a game changer. From this, the TRON community will gain some unique, limited-edition in-game assets that can be purchased with TRX tokens. This will be available on the BitGuild platform in the coming days.

New Features that will add Stability

– Exodus will go live on March 31st, 2018 and TRON’s main net launch update will have a lot of new features. Exodus Main Net will make TRON a top contender for the best performing currencies in the crypto market.

– The TRX-based transactions on Exodus require the transaction fee of only .0001 TRX in the process, which means TRX is the least expensive cryptocurrency when it comes to fees.

– TRON will deliver 1000 tx/s on the Exodus Network. Scalability will match that of the other cryptocurrencies, if not outshine them.

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