UKEY is an Ethereum ERC20 token developed with investors in mind. After existing as a closed investment club for several years, we have decided to expand the range of our activities and trading volumes. The way we have chosen to do it is through building a broad community of aspiring crypto enthusiasts, who share our vision of the world’s crypto future. Buying UKEY tokens makes you a part of our community of professional traders and multiplies your money-making opportunities. The broader the community, the higher the token value will be and the better our investment strategies will perform.

The UKEY project offers everyone ample opportunities to safeguard and multiply their assets by choosing one of our investment programs and having a prompt payback. You can stop the selected investment program any time and withdraw your money, if necessary. After entering listings of major cryptocurrency exchanges, which is preplanned for the 2nd quarter of this year, the token holders will be able to trade UKEY to further boost their profit potential. Trading will be available to every community member.

Along with that, there will be several passive income options available to the community members. First of all, you will be able just to capitalize on the increase of the token’s value. Participating in our partnership program is another sustainable source of income. Engaging more people through your referral link will bring you a daily partnership reward depending on the amount earned by your referral. You can earn from 7 levels.

Even just holding the tokens will be rewarded. For this end, we offer a special program stimulating our community members to hold their UKEY assets. Its launch is preplanned for the 2nd quarter of this year.

Profits will be generated by a team of experienced traders and distributed across the UKEY community. That said, the token’s value will be backed by real market operations performed by skilled professionals.

UKEY’s decentralized structure and using smart contracts are two major factors that guarantee security and reliability in our system. To make sure all member accounts are securely protected against hacking and DDoS attacks, we have special software in place. You may rest assured we are always committed to making your experience 100% secure and anonymous.

UKEY can also be used as means of exchange. All transactions within our system will be fast and confidential. As there is no single processing center, all transactions are verified and confirmed by the members of this peer-to-peer network.

The total supply is limited to 100,000,000 UKEY tokens. At the ICO stage, 30,000,000 tokens will be distributed. UKEY starting price is $0.30. Overall, there will be 15 ICO rounds, each up to 3 days long. Depending on the purchase amount during ICO, every investor will receive an additional bonus. Invite other people to the ICO to qualify for a special affiliate reward, which amounts up to 20% and covers 3 levels.

ICO will last for 45 days, during which the tokens will be distributed through crowdsale, after which the ICO tokens will be available for withdrawal to any trading platform and for transfer to any other user.

Due to multichannel customer support, you can receive answers to any questions you may have about every aspect of our project. We plan to come up with a mobile app later this year. Also, the platform upgrades will be provided along the way.

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