A Calgary officer, whose name remains undisclosed, befriended the murderer of his common-law wife Lisa Mitchell in order to gain his trust and close the investigation successfully on the murder case successfully.

Allan Shyback, a 40-year-old man who previously lived together with Mitchell a few years ago, was suspected of murdering Mitchell after her body hidden in a plastic container was found in the basement of Shyback’s home.

According to the official report of the Calgary police, the common-law husband of Mitchell participated in an undercover investigation called “Operation Aurora” in 2013, which involved the case of Shyback and the murder of Mitchell that occurred in 2012. The Calgary police revealed that its undercover investigative team including the husband of Mitchell established 83 undercover scenarios to engage with Shyback and his dark web operations.

Most the scenarios included the Calgary officer sharing pre-plotted life stories to Shyback which were purposely designed to set a common ground between the Shyback and the rest of the undercover agents. The officer stated:

“I perceivably learned my ex was doing drugs and spending money on alcohol and at the bar and neglecting our child. I was going to have surveillance done on my ex to prove she was taking part in those activities so I could get out of paying her.”

Most of the scenarios plotted by the Calgary undercover investigative team revolved around strengthening the relationship between Shyback and other undercover officers. Ultimately, the police aimed to convince Shyback to admit his past crimes and wrongdoings, including the murder of Mitchell. The operation went as far as firing one of the police officers from the investigation to gain solid trust of Shyback.

The police officer added:

“We go to a pub and begin to socialize. During that part of the scenario it comes to light that constable Z was lying about something that occurred in Saskatoon trip involved in surveillance of my perceived ex. Const. Z was confronted verbally by all of us and ultimately he is fired from the group.”

Calgary police told the court that Shyback was immediately arrested after he shared his plans with one of the undercover officers to leave the region with fake identity. Shyback requested one of the undercover agents within the group to set up a fake identity for himself, his two children and his girlfriend so that the entire family can leave town without any potential legal consequences.

At the time, the police had already obtained a recording of Shyback admitting to the murder of Mitchell. In a private conversation with an undercover agent, Shyback revealed Mitchell’s affair and the police believed the affair of Mitchell was the motive of Shyback to engage himself in the crime.

The Calgary police did not want to risk Shyback leaving town and thus sabotaging the entire one-year-long law enforcement operation. Mitchell was arrested and was charged with second-degree murder and improperly interfering with human remains in the death of Lisa Mitchell.

During the investigation however, the Calgary police discovered that Shyback was involved in several dark web operations and market places. His main source of income derived from his active operations on the dark web and other services based on his expertise on technology. The Calgary police intends to investigate further into his involvement in various dark web operations and other potential crimes that he was involved in.