Unnamed Sources Tell CNN Fake News: U.S. Officials Are Preparing Charges Against Julian Assange

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ibankcoin.com / Dr. Fly / Apr 20, 2017

I’m going out on a prong here and job this one ‘fake news’ on interest of CNN, Washpo and a other shills who are perplexing each pretence in a bag to revenge a detriment of Hillary Clinton and a hacking of John Podesta’s email box. This is all about vengeance. Nothing would pleasure Pizza Podesta some-more than visiting Assange inside of a limit stable prison.

The essay that we am about to anxiety by CNN Fake News, infrequently leaves out a President as partial of a American government. It’s as if he wasn’t even a cause in all this Wikileaks business. By a way, Trump is on record observant he ‘loved’ Wikileaks and used them as a news source, invariably via a campaign.


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