Being a part of the Bitcoin community that spends time and energy to secure the network is a rewarding experience. You’re actively working to keep the network safe and transactions flowing, but not everyone knows where to begin. So, teaming up with a crypto cloud mining service is a fantastic start.

But, what if we told you that you can take your Bitcoin cloud mining to the next level by not paying a cent. StormGain makes that possible, giving you the chance to passively earn Bitcoin from a cloud mining service that doesn’t cost you a penny or require any resources! Sounds interesting? Let’s learn more!

What is StormGain?

It’s got to be too good to be true, surely? If that’s running through your mind, then you need to check out StormGain. StormGain is a state-of-the-art crypto trading platform. Packing top tech, dozens of markets with the best cryptocurrencies, up to 300x leverage and 24/7 live support, StormGain is making waves in the crypto trading world.

As part of the StormGain rewards program and trading incentives scheme, you can earn passive income from cloud mining. The more trade volume you have, the more hash rate that will get diverted to your account. 

It takes less than 4 minutes to start mining with StormGain. Simply create your account, head to the cloud mining page, and click “activate”. You can do this from your laptop, mobile, tablet or smart tv – it’s that simple.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a cent and it doesn’t drain any of your CPU, GPU or battery.

Mining Bitcoin from Your Phone in 4 Minutes!

The entire process from getting the idea to mining your first Bitcoin takes around 4 minutes. If you’re super speedy, you can do it in less time. Best of all, you can do it from your phone. 

The StormGain crypto cloud mining service doesn’t use any of your device’s resources, meaning that you’re at no risk of slowing down your phone at all. Once you’ve activated the service, you can even turn off your phone for peace of mind. Running a Bitcoin mining farm now seems to be a thing of the past. No more heavy electricity bills, constant rig repairs and other detrimental expenses. Now, you just cloud mine free Bitcoin and trade crypto just like you always used to. 

If you want to supercharge your passive income, all you’ve got to do is boost your trade volume. The more you trade with StormGain, the more you make. When you consider that you’ve got advanced trade signals and 300x leverage at your fingertips, it seems like a no brainer really!

Take Your Passive Income to the Next Level!

The more you trade, the more passive income you’ll start to generate. Once you hit the top tier, you’ll be mining with 530x more hash rate than when you started – that’s a lot of Bitcoin. In fact, that translates into more than 300 ₮ in daily passive income.

The trade volume levels required to unlock more hash rate as as follows:

·    150,000 ₮

·    750,000 ₮

·    2,500,000 ₮

·    7,500,000 ₮

·    15,000,000 ₮

·    75,000,000 ₮

The more Chinese miners that get taken offline, the more the total network hash rate drops. The more that drops, the more your hash rate will net you. So don’t FUD over Chinese miners getting culled – get excited!

Start Your StormGain Journey

StormGain is taking the crypto trading world by storm – pun fully intended. Put yourself behind the wheel of advanced trading tools that you’d find over at Wall Street, a sleek and simple user interface, 24/7 live support and up to 300x leverage.

If you want to test out trading algorithms and verify the quality of the trading signals, you can get access to a $50,000 demo trading account. Best of all, when you open trades, you pay 0% commission.

Have questions or want to learn more about StormGain? Reach out to the live 24/7 support, they’ll be more than happy to help you out. Maximize your passive income earning potential and try out StormGain!

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