Let’s face it; there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the crypto market at the moment with most of them competing for the attention of the investors by showcasing their unique purposes and features. From Bitcoin the least known crypto coin, it is no doubt that the market has become super fragmented such that there is almost a coin for every purpose under the sun.

But when it’s all said and done, the debate boils down to utility and value that a coin posses. Granted, it can be a frustrating endeavor, if not exhausting, when trying to find the right cryptocurrency to invest in. However, even amidst the noise of numerous cryptocurrencies, there have been a few that have stood out from the crowd, point in case the Verge coin (XVG).

The Verge Coin Team of Developers

Well, the Verge coin development team has mostly been silent in the recent past and for a good reason. The team has been at work building the privacy-centric cryptocurrency with new partnerships such as the one made with adult entertainment industry leaders.

This is only a speck that illustrates the utility that the Verge Coin is achieving in the crypto space. Apart from that, Verge coin’s privacy-centric approach has attracted banks as well. The Verge coin’s claims to improve the Bitcoin Blockchain has not gone unnoticed and with partners such as TokenPay who have made arrangement to issue customers XVG debit cards, there is no doubt that the Verge Coin is here to stay.

What makes the XVG attractive to investors and users?

Well, perhaps one of the most appealing features of the Verge Coin is the fact that it is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency that is built on an open source platform with an aim of facilitating direct and fast transactions on the Blockchain. After all, who wants to use a cryptocurrency without having the comfort of being anonymous? Well, this is essentially what Verge is built upon. As a private centric coin Verge presents an unrivaled alternative especially when compared to Bitcoin

Recent Ranking puts Verge and Bitcoin at par

Speaking of Bitcoin, if a recent research by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is anything to go by, Bitcoin and Verge are pretty much ranked the same. The research ranking that went by the tag “Global Public –Owned Chain Technology Evaluation Index and Ranking” took a study of about 28 cryptocurrencies and ranked them in terms of the level of a coin’s application, innovation, and technicality on the public chain. The ranking, however, proved that Verge is recognized as a useful and innovative cryptocurrency project with a lot more to come in its future development as a privacy-centric cryptocurrency.

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