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The Viberate ICO sold out in a mere five minutes, and now the Vibe token

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The Viberate ICO sold out in a mere five minutes, and now the Vibe token will be unlocked and listed on the LiveCoin exchange on October 6th, with more exchanges to come later.

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The life of a musician is often a frustrating one. Only the most successful artists have agents to handle booking gigs, accountants to handle their finances, and lawyers to protect their interests if a vendor or client looks to not honor a contract. The vast majority of musicians plying their trade don’t have access to such luxuries as they have to fulfill those roles themselves, which also takes precious time away from creating and performing music. This is why those who live and breathe the live music industry are excited about Viberate, the decentralized platform that helps connect and protect the interests of artists, event organizers, and venues.

Vibrate ICO Recap

The Viberate ICO was an astounding success. Eager people snatched up all of the available Vibe tokens in just under five minutes, and there are lots of good reasons why this happened. The Vibe token serves as the main digital currency on the platform, and this platform is shaking up the live music industry by allowing artists and venues to find each other with ease. There are over 130,000 musicians listed on the platform already, allowing event organizers to find the talent that they need.

Easy to use, sophisticated filters allow organizers to search by music genre, social media, and geographic location. Blockchain technology will be used to create smart contracts where both the venue and artist can fully see what is expected of each party with absolutely no ambiguity. Venues will pay with Vibe tokens (or other major cryptocurrency), which are held in escrow until the artist fulfills their obligation, at which point they receive their funds. No messy back-and-forth waiting to be paid.

Viberate’s Vibe Token Unlock

Interest in the Vibe token (VIB) was blazing hot during Viberate’s ICO, and it looks to become even hotter when the token unlocks and becomes available for trading on October 6th. The first exchange to list the Vibe token will be, and more exchanges will be announced by Viberate in the near future. Those lucky enough to purchase their Vibe tokens at the time of the ICO can see what the market will command once they can begin selling their tokens on the exchange on October 6th.

Vasja Veber, one of the co-founders of Viberate, says:

Based on the flood of questions about the first listing, we think this is one of the most anticipated coins of this year and we can’t wait to see how the market will respond on the 6th of October. As far as our work goes, we will stick to the plan and keep meeting deadlines, regardless of the price movement. Our development plans can’t be distracted by anything, which shouldn’t be a problem since most of our own tokens are vested anyway. Soon you can expect the launch of booking agency profiles and even before that we will introduce the first version of our rewarding program for contributors, so if you don’t have any Vibes yet, you will soon have a chance to earn some by helping the platform grow. It will pay off for sure!

Viberate Platform Keeps on Growing

Viberate is just getting started. The crowdsourced platform already boasts 130,000 musicians, as well as 53,000 venues and 210,000 events that span the entire globe. The next step on the development roadmap for Viberate is the addition of booking agency profiles and the creation of a reward program for contributors. The Vibe token should become the figurative hottest ticket in town as it’s very versatile. It will be used to hire musicians, purchase concert tickets, gain access to premium industry contacts, advertise on, enjoy the use of premium services, and buy merchandise. Contributors can earn tokens by helping contribute to the platform’s extensive database, promoting Viberate, referring friends, and writing articles.

Every single Vibe token was sold within five minutes on September 5th during the Viberate ICO. For those who were unable to secure the tokens during the ICO, they will now have the opportunity to snag them on the exchange on October 6th and on other exchanges in the near future.

Viberate is changing the live music industry by bringing artists, fans, event organizers, and venues together for the benefit of everybody. The decentralized live music platform already features a slew of venues, musicians, and events, and the platform will just get stronger and better with the addition of booking agency profiles and a contributor reward program. To borrow from a hit from the 1980s, the future of the Vibe token looks so bright, you’ll need to wear shades.

Did you participate in the Viberate ICO? What exchanges would you like to see Vibe (VIB) listed on? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Viberate

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