Blockchain technology is opening doors for next-generation payment systems, changing the existing banking structure in the process.  Due to huge transaction fees, slow money transfers and weak security of personal information, the current system leaves much to be desired. Cryptocurrencies are the newest form of fast, secure and reliable payment solutions.

Serge Beck, the founder and CEO of Opthereum Labs, is preparing a new, advanced financial ecosystem, combined with the VivusPay next-gen biometric payment solution. This will put an end to the major banking problems and widen cryptocurrency usage.

“I saw an opportunity to build a unique, flexible, and adaptable platform that could specifically address the limiting factors of blockchain adoption both in financial markets and the wider global economy. That is why I founded Optherium Labs: to solve the deficiencies in existing financial and security infrastructure, making those problems a thing of the past.” – Serge Beck

Optherium Labs has built a distributed ledger network, so companies and individuals can work freely with both fiat and cryptocurrencies, knowing they are backed by the strongest biometric security technology available. This Dynamic Biometrics feature is one of the layers of security that help underpin the Optherium modular Ecosystem, and also allow for the restoration of private keys. Optherium’s patented Key Recovery Service, used in the VivusPay application, is a godsend for those whose fortunes have been ruined by lost or stolen keys. Working in concert with several decentralised private blockchains, the Ecosystem is virtually impenetrable.

The Optherium team is confident in their skills and they are convinced that they will dramatically change fintech. Optherium founder and CEO Serge Beck says:

“ I know the market, its problems and driving forces, and the fintech industry is ripe for disruption. Blockchain is a liberating technology. I wanted to create something that will ease the way for the general public to adopting crypto, and at the same time eliminate security problems that persist in the banking industry.”

The VivusPay application is laying a strong foundation for user-friendly and secure cryptocurrency usage. Currently, the application is available on both iOS and Android. You can rest easy knowing that your personal data is divided, spread and securely stored among different private blockchains, so even if one element of the system gets compromised by a hacker, your sensitive data will remain uncompromised. Your in-app account will be protected by dynamic biometric verification through voice, retina and fingerprint. Email and phone verification are also available, along with a PIN and security questions.

Optherium plans to launch an ICO in order to speed up the development process of this complex infrastructure and associated solutions. Registration for the whitelist has already opened, and additional information about the event can be found on Optherium’s official Telegram channel. The Optherium B2B platform will serve as the backbone for the financial industry, providing a solid ecosystem for banks and other fintech institutions. This solution is capable of keeping a high-volume transaction flow and providing instant currency and transaction confirmations.

Considering all the facts, we can strongly assert that VivusPay and the Optherium platform as a whole are just the beginning of something huge. More Optherium solutions are already in the pipeline and will be released in due time. Such an unassailable system will play a key role in worldwide cryptocurrency adoption.

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