Waves Platform Added to Microsoft Azure


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Waves team has announced that their decentralized crowdfunding platform Waves Platform is now hosted in Microsoft Azure’s BaaS cloud.

The platform’s integration in BaaS makes Waves available for implementation of various blockchain-based solutions around the world, and gives new opportunities to companies and software developers who might issue their tokens on a blockchain.

“Microsoft has become one of the first major IT companies to officially recognize the potential behind blockchain technology. Azure is developed in such a way as to ensure cost-effectiveness for companies of different sizes. Otherwise they wouldn’t have had enough resources to launch their own software platforms. Blockchain as a Service is a fast, inexpensive and non-risky way to deploy open blockchain protocols,” Waves Platform CEO Alexander Ivanov told CNews.

He noted that Azure has a lot in common with Waves as it is an open, flexible and scalable platform.

“We’re also researching new ways to run computation, as well as new ways to make this powerful functionality accessible to end users. I believe our cooperation with Microsoft would allow us to achieve high results,” Mr. Ivanov added.

Microsoft Azure hosts a lot of prominent blockchain solutions, including Ethereum, Chain Core, Corda, NXT, Lisk, and now Waves. This effectively forms a complex BaaS ecosystem that might implement various blockchain projects for any purposes.

“We welcome Waves in Azure’s BaaS. The platform allows developers to promptly deploy projects like ICO and issuance of tokens, say, for loyalty programs,” says Konstantin Goldstein, the technical evangelist for Microsoft Russia.

He added that the expansion of BaaS platforms pool creates a unique environment for developers and companies interested in designing blockchain projects.

“BaaS helps deploying a blockchain infrastructure with a single click. It helps integrating advanced technologies like AI or IoT in such projects,” Mr. Goldstein added.

Earlier this week, Waves wallet was added to the App Store.

Earlier this month, Waves token was als added to ShapeShift, an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform.


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