Oliver Mulherin is an software developer with experience in the Internet-of-Things(IoT) space. His work has primarily focused on developing industrial solutions using both software and hardware, additionally has experience with artificial intelligence and the simulation of complex systems.

Oliver holds a bachelor’s degree in Computing and Software Systems from the University of Melbourne. While at university Oliver worked on AI projects ranging from general game playing to language detection using LSTMs. His work in the IoT space started after winning two IoT themed hackathons, one being for a modular phone company; Nexpaq and the other hosted by General Electric. Oliver’s IoT work involved mesh communication networks between cell phones and warehouse sensor networks, all built on custom hardware for which Oliver wrote the embedded software.

Prior to this he worked as a software developer at Vital-Sim, a company building software simulating the vital logic of large rail networks. Where he worked on the interface between physical control panels and the simulations. His background in IoT development and interest in Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT) naturally lead him to IOTA. Over the last few months Oliver has been contributing to some of IOTA’s libraries in order to improve efficiency and stability. With strengths in simulation and embedded firmware Oliver is great addition to the IOTA Foundation team.
On joining IOTA

The IOTA team has developed technology which has addressed many of the weaknesses of traditional distributed ledger technology. Weaknesses which have hindered the adoption of DLT by industrial players.
I am excited to be joining IOTA to work with the team and to help build and implement this innovative technology.

Oliver has extensive experience working on IoT/embed systems as a software engineer, which is the role he will continue to excel at in the IOTA Foundation. He has been contributing to IOTA projects since August 2017, when he found an improvement to be made on the WebGL Curl library. This improvement increased the efficiency of the library by 30–40%. Having proved his prowess and inquisitive nature and passion for IOTA through prior work, it was easy to make the decision to bring him on board in official capacity. Give him a warm welcome!

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