The most demanded marijuana seeds on the market are regular and feminized ones. Though, the features of every type are different.

In simple words for people far from botany, a feminized seed is used for the production of the usual cannabis meaning sinsemilla, which is exactly what people use to smoke and transform into various concentrates. Meanwhile, a regular or traditional seed is planted for cannabis production as well as cannabis breeding.

The point is that the planting of feminized marijuana seeds allows for growing only female cultivars. When it comes to cannabis, only female plants develop sinsemilla. However, female cultivars do not give seeds like male plants grown from regular seeds.

Such feature of feminized marijuana seeds is available due to genetic engineering achievements.

At first, it seems that it is much more profitable to buy and grow regular marijuana seeds. However, there are two problems with them. First of all, male marijuana plants could not be smoked because of low THC levels. In addition, it is quite difficult to determine the sex of cannabis plants, especially for beginner growers. So, it is a complicated task to plan and organize your yield.

That is why the popularity of feminized seeds is growing more and more every day. Let’s get familiar with the main benefits of feminized marijuana seeds:

·         Easy growing process (especially important for newbies).

·         Growing plants with the highest cannabinoid content.

·         Planning of the yield due to the lack of the risk of accidental pollination of female plants.

·         Finance savings due to the lack of the necessity to buy new marijuana seeds to supplement the harvest.

·         Time and effort saving (no need to determine the sex of cannabis growers).

Cannabis products provide different effects on everyone’s health. So, be careful when using them and focus on your well-being.

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