What is the share of the successful ICOs?

Cryptocurrency has been on the rise for the past two years. The climax or so some people thought, was reached sometime between December 2017 and January 2018. The total market cap of the entire crypto market was more than $700 billion then. However, just a few weeks later the crypto market boasting of its incredulous success; it shed value to settle at just $200 billion. When you see digital coins popping up from every corner, it means that just as many ICOs if not more are going on. On TokenGuru.net, providing expert ICO reviews, you will find just how many ICOs have been done to-date and how much has been collected.

The most successful ICOs

2017 takes the crown as the year when the biggest ICOs were conducted. At least 75% of the most successful ICOs were conducted in 2017. Here is a list of the ICOs;

  1. Filecoin – In the ICO, more than $257 million was raised. The cryptocurrency is designed as a decentralized storage network which is built on blockchain network. It uses a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to address and move content while at the same time offering surrounding auditing, verification and incentivization structure.
  2. Tezos – In this ICO, more $232 million was raised. Tezos which is a decentralized blockchain governs itself by establishing a true digital commonwealth. It facilitates formal verification and governs transactions while at the same time boosting the security of the most sensitive weighted smart contracts.
  3. EOS – In this ICO, more than $180 million was collected. EOS which is a decentralized crypto just like the rest is designed to support thousands of commercial-scale dApps. The team behind the crypto boast that the platform is not only scalable but also flexible and applicable in our everyday lives.
  4. Bancor – Bancor attracted an ICO capital of $153 million. The crypto is a standard which allows anyone to easily create liquid ‘smart tokens’ which calculate their own prices. The tokens will also enable a single party to convert any token into another without necessarily needing a second party to exchange with.
  5. SIRIN Labs – More than $118 million was raised in this ICO. The team behind this crypto, SOLARIN, wants the platform to become the global leader in secure open source consumer electronics. According to the team, this will bridge the gap between the mass market and the blockchain economy.

Their value and their performance

The five top ICOs of 2017 collected slightly below a billion dollars. The total ICOs done that year were more than 1,000 and the total raised was slightly above $5.6 billion. This means that the five ICOs managed to raise more than 15% of all the ICO capital in 2017.

As at 9th April 2018, the price of the Filecoin token was approaching $10. The traded volume for the token was $388,000. As for Tezos, the price was $2.5 while the volumes traded stood at slightly above $520,000. Of the five cryptos, SIRIN Labs and Bancor had lost value to trade below their ICO price. SIRIN Labs was going for $0.28 while Bancor was trading at $2.31. Their ICO prices were $0.679 and $3.86 respectively.

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