We all know that cryptocurrency trading can be profitable, but not everyone knows why. The reason is simple. As for Bitcoin, it is an extremely volatile and unstable currency, however it has a strong tendency for price growth in a long term. That is a perfect condition for a trader. Still, there are times when trading suddenly becomes even more efficient than before. Will you be surprised to know that now is the time?

This article is intended to cover the two following points:

  • How to increase profits by choosing the right place to trade?

  • Why is cryptocurrency trading profitable today?

What is CEX.IO?

Let’s cover the aspects in turn. CEX.IO is a London-based cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013. Combining an intuitive user interface with a vast range of functionality, CEX.IO fits the two different target audiences:

  • Those who have already decided to be in tune with the times, but still are beginners in the cryptosphere;

  • And, expert traders seeking for new and more profitable ways of trading Bitcoin, Ether and now even Bitcoin Cash (it’s an important point and we’ll keep on it later).

How did CEX.IO users survive the hard fork?

There is a reason this topic is brought up. The hard fork is not an everyday occurrence for cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. So, it was hard to guarantee the smoothness of what was going to happen.

CEX.IO took the responsibility to save money of its users by splitting their coins. It means that if you had 0.5 BTC before at the moment of hardfork you would get additional 0.5 BCH coins (in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain).

It doesn’t mean that users were provided with Bitcoin Cash coins immediately after the hard fork. It took a couple of days to get it right. Although after CEX.IO and several other exchanges have successfully performed coin splitting and provided users with additional coins – all the other major ones chased the trend and did the same.

From the very beginning CEX.IO made a decision that proved to be right in a course of time. This fact had significantly enhanced its credit of trust on the market and among the users, who received their additional money without any difficulties.

So, what it’s like – trading on CEX.IO?

Let’s be honest, it’s more of a title and you wouldn’t find the answer to this question without trying it yourself. In this article you will only get the picture of a sufficient service level introduced by CEX.IO, an exchange the main objectives of which are the ease of use, strong security and prompt decision making.

If you are novice to the Bitcoin world, it would be very easy for you to keep up with the others via the CEX.IO buy/sell service. It allows you to buy cryptocurrency in one click using your Bank card. It’s no harder than shopping online.

An experienced user has two options to make profit with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies:

  1. Conventional trading. Means that you trade using your own funds.

  2. Margin trading. It implies borrowing some of the exchanger’s money. By doubling your initial money capital you have an opportunity to get higher profit, provided that your strategy is right.

What’s good about CEX.IO margin trading is that it involves a special risk-preventing system that monitors the situation and automatically closes the trading position before your funds reach the negative values. This gives a great opportunity for the newcomers to start trading with minimum losses. If you wish to know more about margin trading, you can read a step-by-step guide on how to do margin trading with CEX.IO.

Cryptocurrency is fast-moving. Things can change the other way in a moment. Like it happened on August 1st. That’s why it is always important to keep an eye on trends, especially when you’re trading. After the hard fork, CEX.IO was one of the first exchanges to launch the trading of Bitcoin Cash for Bitcoin and fiat currencies, namely the US Dollar, Euro and even British Pound. It has opened a great opportunity for traders to be the first to test the market of a newborn currency.

In the cryptocurrency world there is a frequent question that newcomers ask: “When is the right time to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?” The truth is that as soon as you’re into it you are ready to invest. The main rule is to make your own decisions. They can be based on certain information given, but you must be sure that this is your choice. It’s always up to you to decide when, how and where to trade. This article doesn’t impose the only “true” point of view, rather, it aims to lay the groundwork for your further research and actions.

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