iDice is the world’s leading and the first gambling platform that is based on Ethereum blockchain network. In present market scenario based on an increasing popularity of Ethereum and the predictions that Ethereum is going to take over bitcoin in next three years, the iDice’s recently announced ICO to be opened from June 16th 2017, is probably one of the most awaited ICOs this year. Experts assert that anyone in the blockchain market who is not keen to participate in this Initial Coin Offering, is surely going to miss out on a big investment opportunity.

What’s special about the iDice Platform?

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Let’s go back in the history. In 2013, SatoshiDice, the biggest Dice game, was sold for 126,315 BTC, which is currently at $315, 787, 500. Simply saying, blockchain is a growing industry that brings higher revenue than expected.

  • Transparency Security

Gambling Dapp has gained massive popularity since 2013. Backed by the Ethereum Blockchain, iDice is the fastest growing gambling Dapp in the world. It is also a decentralized app and provably transparent and fair, using third party auditable smart contracts.

  • Unexpectedly Higher Profits

The company launched the beta release two months ago, which generated around 700 ETH in player profits, equivalent to around $200,000. Even more exciting is the fact that the company achieved this in its platform beta without making any spending on its marketing. This is indeed an unexpected success, which is surprising as well as appealing to the team and investors alike.

According to Jordon Wong, the founder and CEO of the company, they didn’t expect that iDice beta release could be so popular, since it was launched just to test the reliability and user experience. There is no planning behind its prevailing popularity. Therefore, the company has announced to go for the ICO to reach to the new heights.

  • ICO open to all

The ICO crowd sale of iDice, starting from June 16, 2017, is indeed a big opportunity to leverage upon, by the team as well as investors. The company is starting development on the cross platform mobile apps for IOS and Android systems. It is to be noted that there is no such cross platform mobile Dapp at the moment. The ICO is open to all, where everyone is given equal opportunity to be a part of.

Looking Forward…

Taking part in the crowdsale is being taken as a highly lucrative investment opportunity by the investors who record their immense interest in investing in the next largest gambling platform based on Ethereum. The iDice Mobile app for Apple Android, is also being planned to launch by the end of 2017, showing huge growth orientation of this investment.